Benefits Of Using Blue Screen / Blue Light Glasses

Blue-screen or blue-light glasses have lenses that reduce the amount of blue light absorbed by the eye. Glasses blocking blue light are also anti-reflective, another benefit of the lenses. Blue light can be found in a variety of places, including some light bulbs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Evidence shows that this light can cause retinal […]

Effect of Lockdown (Online Studies) on Eyes of Children

There are lots of Eye Problems which are being reported during lockdown. It is because of more usage of smartphones and screens by children & adult alike. Online classes and games have also taken a toll over eyes if children. Dry Eye – When a person looks at screen the blinking rate of eye decreases. […]

NABH Accrediation to Rana Eye Hospital (Ludhiana)

Rana Hospital Recognized & Offered an Accreditation by NABH The world-class health centre pioneering effective Eye treatments has been awarded an NABH Accreditation. The National  Board for Hospital & Healthcare Providers (NABH), one of the highest quality system controls in India’s Health sector offered an accreditation to Rana Hospital, a multidisciplinary hospital in Ludhiana for […]

How to Choose the Right Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

In 1949, Harold Ridley, an English Ophthalmologist implanted the first intraocular lens (IOL), made of glass in the patient’s eye. Prior to this era of using intraocular lenses, patients were required to wear oversize eyeglasses after undergoing a cataract surgery. This was aimed at restoring the lost refractive power of the eye due to the […]

Be Aware of Chemical Burns to the Eyes: What to do!

Chemical burns or chemical exposure to the eyes account for almost 10% of all eye injuries. Chemical burns are merely described as those burns that can cause damage to the internal or external organs. Chemical burns to the eyes are common and they occur in homes, workplaces, laboratories, or in any other place. Chemical burns […]

Blade free eye Surgery: FEMTOSECOND LASER for 20/20 Vision

Vision Correction with Laser surgeries require an extensive eye examination by the Ophthalmologist. There are mainly two types of laser surgeries where one uses a blade to correct vision whereas the other is bladeless. A patient is given a chance to decide which surgery is preferred, but these days, many patients recognize the bladeless surgery […]