We have been changing the entire eye care segment to enhance the patient’s vision of the world. Based in Ludhiana, we provide the top-notch facilities needed for ultimate vision care. Our professionals have the utmost services, followed with the best care to the patients. We thrive on making patients comfortable during their entire time in the hospital. A-class doctors with the best skills take care of the patients with open arms.

Another most fantastic zone is the ambiance of the entire hospitality with high standards for eye care. Patients are the first and foremost priority, and we value every penny. From LASIK, Cataract Surgery, to diabetic Retinopathy are some of the best medical services rendered here.

With the badge of optimum eye care service, Rana Hospital perceives the patient’s need with all the best facilities in eye care. Professional and doctors with years of experience and optimum skills attend patients as it is our first concern.

Dr.Rana recognizes the importance of vision, and to render justice in this sector, periodic Ophthalmology meetings are done. Therefore, patients only need to choose the best option available and opt for a clear vision. With all the modern pieces of equipment and technicalities, our professionals treat patients whole-heartedly.

Our Vision

Hospital will remain attentive to the health and well-being of those we serve through patient-focused care with 100% patient satisfaction with patient education and innovative services.

  • The Mission of EYESITETM is to provide specialized eye care treatment as a tertiary care centre.
  • It’s social organization called Society for Sight is committed to the goal of eradicating preventable blindness in the developing world by focusing on comprehensive eye care services, education, training and community services with the best of technology and skills.
  • To provide high-quality eye care with technologically advanced outpatient facility, staffed by sensitive and committed professionals. We are decided to provide the best medical and surgical care regardless of the patient’s financial means.
Dr Brijinder Singh Rana


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