Keratoconus (Conical Cornea)

Keratocomus is a disease which permanently affects young adults. It is a progressive diseases which affects cornea (black portion of eye). It may be genetic or after Lasik. New researches are coming up about causes of this disease which remains still largely unknown. The number of eye continuously change even after 18 years of age […]

Progression of Number (Eye Sight)

There are lots of confusions over increase in number of spectacles. Increase in number of children less than 18 year is normal. As with every growing part of human body eye also grows in size. It can be taken as increases height or size of hands. Eyes grow with age and if compensatory mechanisms do […]

Quick FAQs on Customized Lasik or Contoura Vision

There is lots of research going on in Lasik and various new techniques have been developed in recent times. Whats best way to do lasik? In normal Lasik Machine the Excimer is fired on cornea as a sphere or plain surface. Actually cornea is not sphere or plain surface there are some aberration on it. […]

Know About I-Lasik or Femtosecond Lasik Laser

This technique is also called Blade Free Lasik and it is a very good technique to make patients free of glasses. What makes this special is the accuracy with which the flap is created. There are two steps of Lasik for the removal of glasses. 1.) Creation of Flap: – Flap of Cornea is created by […]

LOS Organized a CME on “Advances in Cataract & Glaucoma”

Ludhiana Ophthalmological Society organized a National Level CME on ‘Advances in Cataract & Glaucoma’. The Conference was well attended with over 200 registrations from all over India. There were various speakers from all over India who are stalwarts in their respective fields. Dr Ramamurthy from the Eye Foundation, Dr Prashant Bawankule from Nagpur, Dr Sandeep […]

Common Eye Diseases in Children

Taking care of your eyes and learning about your health is a first step to prevent vision loss caused due to common eye problems and the eye diseases that affect people in childhood.  There are various types of eye diseases which are more common in children. Early detection will have better treatment or prognosis. This […]

Free Eye Check Up Camp @OBC by Rana Hospital

Rana Hospital, Ludhiana Organized Free Eye Check Up Camp at Main Branch Oriental Bank of Commerce, Ferozpur Road, Ludhiana. Speaker:- Dr Brijinder Singh Rana MBBS MS, M Ch (Ophth) CEO & Senior Consultant Rana Hospitals, Ludhiana Eye Care Helpline: +91 9815709777  

Care & Maintenance of Healthy Eyes

General Care: Get your eye checked up yearly. Do not touch your eye with dirty hand or any dirty clothes Clean hand always keep the infection away Do not wait for the self-healing of the infection or any abnormalities of the eye, visit the eye doctor as soon as possible . Do not wash your […]

Lasik Patient From UK (Video Testimonial)

Rana Hospital is an established name among the patients in India. Its impeccable services and experienced doctors have made it stands in the top list. The success of Rana Hospital can be seen from the fact that it is now been trusted by international patients as well. Another patient from UK visited us for his Lasik […]