Lasik is the procedure that is used to treat the low to high degree of the nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This procedure involves the usage of the cool ultra-violet light that doesn’t cut or burn the tissue. This is the technique that is used to reshape the eye’s cornea and produces the sharper image on the cornea. The first laser procedure was implemented in Berlin In the year 1987. After that, it was accepted as worldwide correction eye surgeries.

What Is LASIK?

Lasik is commonly known as the refractive surgery. This is the outpatient technique that is used to rectify the various common eye problems. This is the permanent treatment for the various eye problems. This surgery requires 10 minutes per eye. This surgery is the fastest procedure and has immediate results. The patient can return to their work in the very next day. In the most of the cases, it totally eliminates the requirement of the corrective lens.

Which technology is used in the Lasik?

Lasik is the surgical procedure that is used to lift the small flap of the cornea. This is the applying of the laser on the exposed area. The Vis x S4 laser is responsible for reshaping the eye by removing the tissue in one cell layer at a time. The laser treatment of the best eye hospital in India is the advanced and the most trusted in the world. There are other technologies that are used with this also like usage of the tracking system, enlarged optical nerve, wavelength technology, and Iris registration. The tracking system is essential for the focusing on the centre every time. The enlarge optical zones is responsible for providing the better visual quality.

Is there any kind of the pain is involved in this surgery or not?

This is the painless procedure and takes only 10 minutes per eye. There is no use of any kind of the lasers. In the procedure, mild oral sedative and eye drops are used to numb the eye. Sometimes, the patient may feel the foreign body sensation because the cornea is started to heal.

Is Lasik a Normal Healing Process or not?

This is the natural healing process. The best eye hospital in Ludhiana is recommended to wear the protective eye-wear for at least one month. Patients should not rub the eye for the several months. Your eyes will look normal on the very first day after the Lasik is performed.

What are the side effects of the Lasik procedure?

There is some risk involved in all kinds of the surgical treatment. But in Lasik, there are no side effects. The only risk involved in this procedure is the selection of the surgeon who will perform the surgery. If you choose the best eye surgeon in India, then you will not face any problem.

What kind of the success rate involve in Vision correction surgery?

More than 99% of the patients are satisfied with this surgery results. It gives the excellent results to the patients.

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