Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on LASIK Surgery

The role of artificial intelligence in LASIK surgery is pivotal, revolutionizing precision and safety in vision enhancement. This article highlights AI’s transformative role in LASIK surgery, showcasing its benefits in patient selection, personalized treatment planning, and post-surgery monitoring. Enhancing Patient Selection: Artificial intelligence greatly assists doctors in identifying suitable LASIK candidates. By analyzing factors like […]

How different are ICL and Lasik procedures?

The eye is an essential organ for human existence and health due to its role as a visual organ. Because of our eyes, we can see the world around us and learn more about it. The eye’s ability to analyze the light that things reflect or emit allows us to perceive their forms, colors, and […]

How to take care of your eyes after Lasik eye surgery

Myopia affects many people globally. Using lenses like glasses or contacts is a common solution. Lenses and glasses have downsides. Young folks find spectacles uncool since they clash with their style. Young and old would benefit from a modern lens alternative. Myopes feel helpless in these situations. Before Lasik Surgery Before Lasik surgery, consult with […]

Why are my contact lenses giving me headaches?

Headaches are a miserable irritation that can spoil even the best of days. Besides the obvious discomfort, it might also lead to subsequent problems. Stress, poor diet, dehydration, and prolonged contact lenses are just a few potential contributors to headaches. Wearing contacts might cause headaches and other uncomfortable side effects if you’re susceptible to them. […]

Things to know if you are considering LASIK eye surgery

Read this article carefully if you consider getting LASIK surgery to correct your vision. If you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, this article will fill you in on the details you need to know. Know your doctor If you want good results from LASIK eye surgery, choosing an ophthalmologist who is both qualified and suitably trained […]

Myopia, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

Myopia is among the several abnormalities of refraction that affect the eyes. Also called ‘near sightedness’ or ‘short-sightedness,’ it impairs the eyes’ capacity to view items located far off. With people participating in more or less sedentary lives and near-work most of the time, myopia has started increasing in its incidence and prevalence throughout the […]

What You Need To Know Before Lasik Surgery?

Are you experiencing a vision problem for a long time? Is your ophthalmologist suggesting you a LASIK eye surgery? Then you should get the surgery done at the earliest as it can help you regain back your original vision. To know about the surgery in detail follow this article as it contains necessary information about […]

Quick FAQs on Customized Lasik or Contoura Vision

There is lots of research going on in Lasik and various new techniques have been developed in recent times. Whats best way to do lasik? In normal Lasik Machine the Excimer is fired on cornea as a sphere or plain surface. Actually cornea is not sphere or plain surface there are some aberration on it. […]

Know About I-Lasik or Femtosecond Lasik Laser

This technique is also called Blade Free Lasik and it is a very good technique to make patients free of glasses. What makes this special is the accuracy with which the flap is created. There are two steps of Lasik for the removal of glasses. 1.) Creation of Flap: – Flap of Cornea is created by […]

How to Care Your Eyes after Lasik Surgery

Once you have undergone the eye surgery it is your sole responsibility to stick to the habits of postoperative eye care as this will ensure your success of the eye surgery. It is worth to state here that in order to witness quick results for your eye surgery you need to follow the post-operative eye […]