Who is not Eligible For Lasik Surgery

Every person is not eligible for Lasik Surgery. There are specific eligibility criteria that decide whether the person is eligible for this eye surgery or not. Lasik surgery is also called laser vision correction or laser eye surgery. Various conditions may disqualify you from eye procedures, such as autoimmune disorders that cause dry eyes. Some chronic conditions also make you disqualified for Lasik surgery. In this post, we will tell you why you are not eligible for this eye surgery.

  1. Age

People aged less than 18 are typically recommended to wait to get their Lasik eye treatment at Best Hospital For Lasik Surgery in Punjab.

  1. Unstable eye power

If someone’s eye power is still changing, LASIK surgery may not provide long-lasting results. Changes in eye power can occur due to various factors such as age, hormonal changes, or certain medical conditions. 3. Abnormal corneal maps

     3. Abnormal Corneal maps

Corneal topography offers the maps of the cornea. It guarantees that there’s no underlying corneal abnormality, which includes Keratoconus or suspect Keratoconus, which can come to be a complete-blown ailment after Lasik surgery. So, if topography maps show any abnormality, we need to decline the way.

  1. You Are Taking Certain Drugs

Certain prescription drugs can cause changes in eyes that could cause complications from LASIK surgical operation.

For instance, corticosteroid (steroid) capsules like prednisone work by suppressing the immune system and may extensively postpone healing.

  1. You Have Dry Eye Syndrome

Having dry eye syndrome (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) is usually a disqualifier for LASIK. A person with dry eyes has an expanded hazard for postoperative aches and worsening dry eye symptoms.

This isn’t always to mention that a person with dry eyes can not have LASIK. Your ophthalmologist will observe you to assist in making the decision. Certain strategies, including punctual occlusion, may be accomplished to unblock tear ducts and make LASIK surgery safer.

If you are nevertheless unsure about who’s and who isn’t always a candidate for LASIK, a consultation from a trusted LASIK medical professional is the right way to get your solution. At Best Lasik Surgeon In Ludhiana, the new equipment and era are used to get top-notch results from LASIK surgery.

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