Blade free eye Surgery: FEMTOSECOND LASER for 20/20 Vision

Vision Correction with Laser surgeries require an extensive eye examination by the Ophthalmologist. There are mainly two types of laser surgeries where one uses a blade to correct vision whereas the other is bladeless. A patient is given a chance to decide which surgery is preferred, but these days, many patients recognize the bladeless surgery as safer and effective. The mere sound of a blade passing through one’s eye is a bit frightening, which makes many patients opt for the Femto Lasik Surgery.

What is a Femtosecond Laser Surgery for Vision Correction?

The Femtosecond laser surgery is mainly for those who don’t want invasive surgical instruments in their eyes even though it is for vision correction.

In the traditional Lasik laser surgery (Microkeratome), a surgical instrument known as a blade is used to create a flap in the cornea of the eye right from the surface into the eye and mainly, the flap is made by the hand.

With the advancement of technology, the Femtosecond laser surgery was introduced where a laser is used to make the corneal flap which is much easier, safer and effective. This makes the procedure, blade-free or Bladeless.

An Excimer laser is directed to the eye and the shape of the cornea is altered.

Advantages of a Bladeless Lasik Surgery

The mere fact that the blade free Lasik treatment in India is made without a blade (sharp tool), this gives relief to patients.

The procedure is precise, safe and effective.

The surgery is more predictable when it comes to the corneal flap thickness.

Reduction in risks such as, corneal abrasions and astigmatism.

It takes only 15 minutes.

When is the Femtosecond (Blade free Lasik eye Surgery) an Option

  • The eye surgery is an excellent option in the case of

  • Shortsightedness

  • Farsightedness

  • Astigmatism

  • Eyesight issues (Presbyopia) among the old aged men and women (Long-sightedness)

  • Those with poor vision despite using eyeglasses or contact lenses

Who is the Candidate for Blade free Lasik eye surgery

Generally, any one fit for the Lasik surgery is a candidate for Blade free Lasik eye surgery.

A complete eye evaluation is necessary before the procedure is performed.

Are there any complications with the Blade Free Lasik Surgery?

The Blade free Lasik surgery poses fewer risks and complications to the patients, though there are complications indeed that a patient must know.

  • Increased light sensitivity after the surgery (Photophobia)

  • Flap issues, such as discoloration and poor flaps might also be created

  • Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis (DLK). It is when an inflammation occurs around the corneal flap

  • Minor Epithelial Damage is possible

How much will a Blade free Lasik Surgery cost me?

The market for the blade free eye surgery is rising rapidly in India. Therefore, the blade free Lasik Treatment cost in India varies depending on the;

  • Eye Hospital visited

  • The location of the hospital

  • The reputation of the Ophthalmologist

  • Severity of the eye disorder

Above all, the patient may consider the cost of the Bladeless eye surgery (IntraLase Lasik or Intralasik) to extend from Rs. 25,000 to RS. 70,000 in India.

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