All you need to know about Night Blindness

Night blindness is the most common vision impairment that is found in individuals. Medically it is known as nyctalopia and it causes difficulty in visibility in low light conditions. Upon going through the article, one will learn about the various causes of night blindness. Causes of Night blindness: Vitamin A deficiency:  This is the most […]

Understanding Eye Blinking: A Natural Reflex

Eye blinking is a natural and involuntary reflex crucial for maintaining eye health and clarity of vision. On average, a person blinks 15 to 20 times per minute. This seemingly simple act plays a significant role in preventing dryness, protecting the eyes from debris, and evenly distributing tears. However, excessive blinking or involuntary spasms can […]

Understanding Long-Sightedness and Short-Sightedness

Clear and healthy eyesight is crucial for stress-free and all-around performance in whatever task we undertake. Our ability to fully enjoy life is enhanced by having clear eyesight, which is connected to an increased quality of life. Our eyes are incredibly well-built cameras that employ straightforward and complex optics to enable us to see clearly. […]

Fungal Eye Infections: Types, Symptoms, Treatment, and Surgery

The eye is a sensitive and essential organ, and many infections can affect its functioning. A fungal eye infection occurs when a fungus enters the tissues of the eye, posing a hazardous threat that requires immediate medical attention to avoid severe consequences. Types: Various fungal species, such as Aspergillus, Fusarium, Candida, and others, can cause […]

What is Presbyopia & it’s Types?

Presbyopia is an age-related condition that reduces a person’s ability to focus on nearby objects and causes a loss of near vision. As we age, the eye’s natural lens becomes harder and less flexible, making it difficult to focus on close-up objects. Several treatment options are available for presbyopia, and the choice depends on individual […]

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

Good vision is essential for everyday tasks, and many people seek ways to maintain their vision naturally. While corrective lenses and surgery are options, it’s preferable to explore natural methods. In this blog, we will discuss simple tips for naturally improving eyesight, including dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, and eye exercises that contribute to healthy eye […]

Corneal Transplantation: An Overview of the Basics

Your eyes have a transparent layer called the cornea, which plays a crucial role in directing light to the retina for clear vision. However, the cornea can be damaged due to various factors, including infectious corneal ulcers, genetic eye disorders, corneal scarring after an eye injury, problems with previous eye surgeries, keratoconus, corneal opacification, hyperemia, […]

Corneal Opacity: Understanding a Potential Cause of Impaired Vision

Corneal opacity, the clouding of the cornea due to disease, can lead to impaired vision. Depending on its severity, the cornea may appear partially or entirely white, obscuring the normal black colour. This transparent structure allows light to enter the eye, enabling vision. However, any opacity or scarring can result in reduced visual acuity. Causes […]

How Come Swimming Causes Eye Irritation and Redness

We’ve all suffered from the painful redness and burning sensation known as “swimmers’ eye” after a swim. While it’s common knowledge that prolonged exposure to high chlorine concentrations can cause serious eye infections in swimmers, this is only half the story. Incorrect swimming methods and chlorine often combine to cause a swimmer’s eye, a condition […]