Managing Blepharitis: Insights from Ludhiana’s Best Eye Hospital

Blepharitis, a bothersome eyelid issue, can greatly affect your comfort if not properly addressed. Understanding its causes, treatment options, and specific concerns such as seborrheic blepharitis is crucial for effective care. Let’s delve into the development of blepharitis, steps to ease its symptoms, and tips for managing seborrheic blepharitis, including advice on makeup use. Understanding […]

Unraveling the Link between Autoimmune Conditions and Eye Health: Rana Eye Health Care’s Perspective

In the intricate network of human health, the link between autoimmune diseases and eye wellness shines as a crucial bond. At Rana Eye Hospital in Ludhiana, recognized as the best eye hospital in Punjab, we delve into this connection with expertise and dedication. Collaborating with leading eye doctors, we provide holistic care addressing both eye […]

Understanding Photophobia (Light Sensitivity): Causes and Treatments

Photophobia, commonly known as light sensitivity, is a condition where individuals experience discomfort or pain in the eyes when exposed to light. While it can be a temporary issue due to various factors, persistent photophobia may indicate an underlying eye problem. In this blog, we’ll delve into the causes and treatments of photophobia, shedding light […]

Protecting Your Vision: Eye Care Tips for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding is a demanding discipline that requires dedication, hard work, and careful attention to various aspects of health. While many bodybuilders focus primarily on building muscle mass and improving strength, it’s essential not to overlook the importance of eye health. In particular, the use of steroid supplements in bodybuilding has been associated with potential risks […]

Why is My Eye Twitching and When Should I Be Worried?”

Blepharospasm” is a term that could explain why your eye is twitching. Eyelid muscle spasms cause your eyelids to repeatedly and rapidly open and close or nearly close. These movements are involuntary and might occur for your upper and lower eyelids. Eye twitching normally takes place for a short time and isn’t severe. You will […]

Know About Hereditary and Genetic Eye Diseases

Hereditary and genetic eye diseases are extreme issues in imaginative and prescient health, impacting millions of people globally. According to recent information, over 350 eye diseases were located, with most having a genetic starting place. Due to a lack of knowledge and comprehension, people neglect the cost of their family history in determining their risks […]

All you need to know about Night Blindness

Night blindness is the most common vision impairment that is found in individuals. Medically it is known as nyctalopia and it causes difficulty in visibility in low light conditions. Upon going through the article, one will learn about the various causes of night blindness. Causes of Night blindness: Vitamin A deficiency:  This is the most […]

Understanding Eye Blinking: A Natural Reflex

Eye blinking is a natural and involuntary reflex crucial for maintaining eye health and clarity of vision. On average, a person blinks 15 to 20 times per minute. This seemingly simple act plays a significant role in preventing dryness, protecting the eyes from debris, and evenly distributing tears. However, excessive blinking or involuntary spasms can […]