Ancillary Services in the eye care and treatment sector is an addition to the traditional eye treatments with an aim of providing more and quality health services to patients. Ancillary services in this sphere generally mean the inclusion of dermatologist treatments and hearing treatments to the already available Ophthalmology practices.

By offering Ancillary services, Rana Eye Care Centre aims at broadening the patients’ benefits of the eye treatments while attaining the treatments at a “one-stop-hospital”. The services are provided with high-tech machines and instruments to provide greater efficacy. With no doubt, Rana Hospital is one of the best destinations for Ancillary services in Punjab due to its advanced and wide stream collection of advanced procedures during eye treatments.

The newly introduced treatments include the integration of the Femtosecond laser for Cataract surgery and automatically requires extensive training of the ophthalmologist, ASC, physicians, staff members and the concerned parties. Ancillary Eye Services in Ludhiana at the laser specialist centre are provided at the world-class standard.

Ancillary Eye Services AT Rana Hospital

If you are looking for Ancillary Eye Services, you are in no better hands than those at Rana Hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab. Dr. Brijinder Singh Rana at Rana Hospital offer best value for Ancillary Eye Services in Punjab. The range of ophthalmology services included at Rana Hospital but are not limited to pediatric eye care, LASIK correction, cataract, diabetic retinopathy treatment, vitreoretinal surgery, restorative surgery, and other ancillary eye services.

Find out more about Ancillary Eye Services and other procedures by contacting us at: +91-9815709777.

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