What are the various facts about C3R keratoconus treatment?

C3R is the treatment that is used for the keratoconus treatment. This is the advanced vision care that is used to stop the progression of the keratoconus.

What is it the full form of the C3R?

C3R stands for corneal collagen cross-linking with riboflavin.

Whether it is the right solution for the keratoconus?

C3R treatment in Ludhiana is used to treat the keratoconus treatment. Keratoconus is the rare condition in which the cornea becomes the stretched and starts to form the cone shape and it should be usually round. The c3r treatment cost in Ludhiana is far less than the other parts of the country.

Whether Keratoconus is curable or not?

This is an amazing fact that C3R is the treatment, not the curing. You have to continue to wear the glasses.C3R is used to prevent your keratoconus to get worse.

Whether C3R treatment uses a combination of eye drops and light?

In this treatment, riboflavin eye drops are absorbed by the cornea. There is a special light that is used on the eye in order to produce the more robust chemical bonds.

Is C3R treatment help to make the cornea more rigid or not?

C3R is the treatment that helps to stop or slow the growth of keratoconus by enhancing the links between various corneas’ collagen protein strands. This will make your cornea more rigid. This is responsible to stop or slow down the progression of the keratoconus.

Whether C3R treatment help a wide range of patients or not?

There are large numbers of the patients that are treated with the C3R. but in some cases, it doesn’t cure the keratoconus, for instance, if the keratoconus is in the advanced stage, then you will not be suitable for the C3R treatment. But your eye surgeon will provide you the guideline about the correct treatment. There are wide varieties of the patients who are satisfied with C3R treatment.

Is it possible for the patients to use the eye drops for the irritation?

Yes, it is possible to use the eye drops for the irritation. Sometimes, it coincides with the eye allergy. There are no eye drops that can treat the keratoconus.

What is the success rate of the C3R treatment and what will the position of the after the patient‘s treatment?

  • In reality, there will not any change in the position of the eye.
  • This is procedure involves the cornea. This is the transparent area that is used to cover the color part of the eye.
  • When it is treated, it has the amazing and the excellent results.
  • Up to today, there will not be any single unsuccessful result.
  • All the patients enjoy the stopping the growth of the keratoconus. There are numbers of the patients who had a flattening of the eye.

What are the various side effects associated with the C3R treatment?

  • In this treatment, Riboflavin is used. This is used to coat the cornea.
  • When the UV light is applied to this, it is actually absorbed in the cornea itself.
  • There is not any kind of the harm or damage when it is applied to the eyes.

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