Complications Arising from a Scratched Cornea: Risks, Healing, and Prevention

The cornea, the transparent front layer of the eye, plays a crucial role in vision. Corneal abrasion, commonly known as a scratched cornea, can occur due to factors like contact lenses or inadvertent eye rubbing with foreign objects. While most cases resolve naturally, it’s important to identify potential issues, seek appropriate care, and minimize further […]

Revolutionizing Diabetic Retinopathy Detection & Treatment through AI

Diabetic Retinopathy stands as an unfortunate consequence of diabetes, affecting almost all individuals who have had diabetes for over a decade. The severity of this ailment hinges on the level of diabetes control, manifesting more intensely in cases of poorly managed diabetes while being milder in well-regulated instances. Casting a dark shadow over the vision […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Aid Eye Testing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has completely transformed many industries and revolutionised the healthcare sector. AI has shown great potential in many areas, including eye testing. AI can help doctors diagnose and treat eye diseases with its ability to quickly and accurately process and analyze large amounts of data. We discuss vision tests in this article. AI […]