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Welcome to Rana Eyecare Centre

Where Your Vision is Restored with the Best Modern Technology

Rana Hospital in Ludhiana, has been transforming the way our patients see the world. We believe in providing optimum quality eye care services in a patient friendly manner. We aspire to provide our patients with experienced and qualified eye care in Punjab with best-in-class medical specialists.

Rana Hospital Ludhiana

The pleasant ambience at the hospital and guiding principles of achieving excellence in specialized eye care coupled with honest clinical opinion helps our patient make the most of every treatment.

The array of eye care services provided by Rana Hospital include LASIK, Cataract Surgery, Diabetic Retinopathy/Medical Retina, Glaucoma, Pediatric Eye Care, Vitreoretinal Surgery, trauma and restorative surgery, as well as Ancillary Eye Services.

Dr. Brijinder Singh Rana has hands-on experience in treating patients with varied eye problems. Driven by efficiency, precision, integrity, and compassion, Dr. Rana offers world class modern diagnostic and therapeutic services in the field of eye care to all the patients. To keep himself abreast with latest developments in the field, Dr. Rana participates regularly in Ophthalmology conferences globally.

At Rana Hospital, we continue to serve our patients with eye ailments to best of our ability and live up to the reputation of being a leading provider of optimum quality eye care.

Dr Brijinder Singh Rana is one of pioneer in cold phacoemulsification cataract removal technique in India and one of the best Lasik Surgeons in India. He was trained in Munich Germany for Cold phacoemulsification. He hastrained  in most prestigious eye institute like LVPEI Hyderabad and Aravind Eye Hospital (Madurai). He has been in teaching post in most prestigious eye hospital in India PGI Chandigarh. He has presented many academic papers in his field if specialization at various hospital and international conferences and is a Life time member of ophthalmic association such as AJOS, DOS & LOS.

He is often invited as a guest speaker at various seminar held over the country and also to demonstrative live surgeries at various national and international conference. He has by now the credit of performing more than 15000 phacoemulsification cataract surgeries.

Although he is totally committed to his profession and he is equally dedicated to community service. Infact he has used his profession to serve the disadvantage section of society by performing thousands of operation free of cost through NGO (Society for Sight)

Dr Brijinder Singh Rana

Don’t Compromise with your vision

- Meet The Best Ophthalmologist in India

At Rana Hospital, Dr. Brijinder Singh Rana is highly experienced in treating wide variety of patients with varied ophthalmology problems. His in-depth knowledge, experienced approach, and customized solutions offered to every patient enables you to seek highest quality eye care treatments with enhanced results.

From initial consultation, diagnostic tests, to helping the patients understand the physiology of their problem and offering them with most suitable treatment options, Dr. Rana himself guides his patients discover the potential of different eye care options.

From LASIK, Cataract, Medical Retina, Glaucoma to Pediatric Care and Traumatic and Restorative procedures, Rana Hospital offers one-stop solution for all eye care treatment and facilities to its patients. Find out more about our procedures and seek a personalized consultation with Dr. Rana by contacting us at: +91-9815709777

Why Choose Us- Top 5 Reasons

The selection of the eye surgeon in order to provide the care to your eyes depends mostly on need, wants and overall health of the person. When you meet with any health care provider, your main aim is to establish the long relationship with that person. This becomes an essential to gather reference before conducting a meeting with the eye professional or to take the benefit of the free consultation.

The important consideration while selecting an eye surgeon:

Here are the some of the important consideration that keeps in mind while selecting the eye professional:

  1. It is important to check the eye professional’s credentials.
  2. Is there any malpractice complaint been logged regarding the eye care centre  ?
  3. What type of degree the eye surgeon possess, whether he will meet your need or not?
  4. What type of the training he had possessed ?
  5. How many years of experience does the surgeon possess?

Our Eye Services



LASIK is an advanced laser eye surgery with which one can obtain 20/20 vision. At least many get to live a better life (hassle-free) when performed by an expert. The surgery reduces your dependence on the contact lenses or glasses and live life to the fullest



Laser Cataract Surgery is approved by FDA and performed across the globe to correct eyesight that is bothered by cloudness. Femnosecond lasers are used to access the lens and correct the performance of the eye. Cataracts increase with age


Diabetic Retinopathy is a result of diabetes and alarming disorder where the Retina grows numerous blood vessels surrounding the eye. Photocoagulation (Laser treatment) is an advanced procedure used to treat Diabetic Retinopathy


Glaucoma is a reduction in sight due to increased pressure within the eyeball of one eye or both. A Laser Surgery, eye drops, tablets or combined treatment approaches can be used to treat and perhaps cure Glaucoma which is leading cause of blindless.


Keratoconus is a progressive eye disorder that causes the cornea in a single eye or both to increase in size and cause poor vision. Various treatments CXL, Lenses, Intacts and lastly Corneal transplant can be used to correct one’s vision.



This particular surgery is used to treat numerous eye conditions of the Macula, Retina and Vitreous fluid of Diabetic Retinopathy. The procedure is performed in a modern state of the art eye care hospital to restore one’s eyesight



In Paediatric Eye Care we deals with the diagnosis and effective treatment of eye diseases in children. Vision develops with age and if no early detection is done, a child might live the rest of life affected.


Eye injuries (traumatic injuries) are treated with the help of both operative and nonoperative approaches. After the surgery, a patient requires critical observation, care and management from the Ophthalmologist.


Rana hospital provides a wide range of ancillary eye services in a modern and hygienic environment. Surgical and nonsurgical ancillary eye services are provided to patients at their best to help them achieve a perfect vision

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Happy Eyes


Happy Eyes


I had my Blade less lasik operation in this hospital on 27 September. The surgery went quite well. The doctor and his staff members are very cooperative. They make you feel comfortable during the operation. It’s been 10 days now, and my eyes are perfectly fine and my vision is 6/6.

I had my lasik here, it is perfect.I heartly thanked Dr. Brijinder… And the staff..

I have done my lasik surgery from Rana Hospital..I am fully satisfied.. thanks.

I visited Rana eye hospital for my Lasic surgery. I get it done from Dr brijinder singh Rana and now I am very satisfied with my Ladi operation.

I am fully satisfied from the service. Dr. Brijinder singh Rana is cooperative person and staff behaviour is good.

I have done my lasik surgery from Rana hospital ludhiana at pakhowal road.. I am fully satisfied with the services.. i am thankful to Dr Brijinder singh Rana…


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