Also known as Vision Training, Vision Therapy is a nonsurgical eye treatment that is 100% effective in improving eye coordination, movement, and general performance. Modern Vision Therapy involves the tackling of the brain to cause reliable and effective eye sight in daily activities. This physical therapy is aimed at solving the common or complicated vision problems that many ophthalmologists are treating or failed to eliminate completely.


Dr. Mantu Akon

Mantu Akon

M.S(Optom), (Ph.D),
Specialist in Paediatric Optometry, Vision Therapy & Neuro-Optometry


Paediatric Optometry

This specialized sphere of eye care and treatment is concerned with the children’s eye health. Optometrists are concerned with diagnosing and treating eye disorders in children with ideal professionalism and gentle care.

Vision Therapy

Also known as vision training, this is a non-surgical eye care procedure concerned with managing or eliminating various eye alignments. Vision therapy involves various practices and eye exercises that are provided by a trained eye therapist.


This eye care and treatment sphere is part of the vision therapy that deals in providing essential care to individuals who might have experienced a stroke, brain injury, eye loss, double vision, post-trauma vision syndrome among others.


Vision therapy encompasses a series of techniques and it also includes Behavioral Vision Therapy aimed at improving the individual’s vision skills. Patients include children, adults, and older. Vision Therapy can be practised by a professional Orthopist or Optometrist in the hospital or at home.

Methodologies or training approaches (exercises) are selected depending on the eye disorder of an individual.

With vision Therapy, computerised and non computerised methodologies are used to correct vision problems. Filters, prisms, computer-assisted visual methodologies, lenses, metronomes, and balance boards are used.

NOTE: For Efficacy, Vision Therapy is not a one-sided program, it requires patient’s dedication and an Optometrist’s proper assessment and designed strategies towards a patient’s treatment.

Vision therapy is commonly known as vision training. This is used to improve the various skills such as eye movement control and eye coordination. There are the series of the procedures that are implemented by the Orthoptist.The vision therapy cost in India is far less than the vision therapy cost in the other countries.


  • To help patients improve or develop the basic visual abilities and skills

  • To improve or change one’s interpretation of visual information

  • To improve and increase visual capabilities

  • Improve and increase vision efficacy and comfort

  • Improve vision regardless of the eye disorder (not treatment)

  • Vision therapy in India is used to develop the basic visual abilities and the skills.

  • Vision therapy is used to change or improve one’s interpretation of the visual information.

  • Vision therapy is used to increase the one’s visual capabilities.

  • Vision therapy main aim is to provide the vision efficiency and comfort.

  • Another main aim is to improve the vision of any kind of the eye disorder.


With years and advancement in the eye treatment approaches, Vision Therapy Treatment in India has found itself an excellent option when it comes to correcting and improving vision problems/disorders. Vision therapy can be opted in the following cases;

1. Eye Movement Issues/disorders
Research has shown that Vision Therapy can effectively improve eye movement during mere or fast reading and in other activities.

2. Strabismus
Strabismus is a common eye disorder that presents itself in different types. Particularly Convergence Insufficiency is a problem where meets a difficulty in keeping the eyes correctly aligned during reading, however, one may have proper alignment when looking at distant objects. In this case, vision therapy is a high yielding treatment where the direction, frequency of the eye turn, and magnitude are observed and corrected.

3. Amblyopia
It is commonly described as “Lazy Eye” and it is a condition where the eye or eyes fail to obtain a normal visual acuity as a result of Strabismus or any other eye disorder.

4. Focusing Disorders
Those with eye focusing disorders, can be helped through Vision therapy.

5. Binocular Vision Problems
Other binocular vision problems such as Phorias which may not create a visible eye turn and yet cause eye strain and fatigue while reading or other vision activities can be corrected through vision therapy.

Vision therapy can be recommended for different eye disorders and the therapy can produce desirable results. An eye specialist can be consulted for any particular vision therapy program to improve visual skills.

Those with learning disabilities, double vision, crossed eye or any other vision abnormalities, seek the specialist’s intervention for effective care.


  • Blurred vision: Person suffered from the blurred vision eye problem. It may be either in the distance or close up vision problem. Vision therapy is the best to rectify the blurred vision eye problems.
  • Headaches: When a person is incapable of doing the close-up work, feel pain near the eyes, forehead, and back of the head, and then vision therapy is the best answer for these types of the patients.
  • Double vision: Person suffering from the double vision eye problem. He views two of something when only one exists.
  • Suppression: This suppression problem occurs when both of your eyes are used to see the objects. Sometimes, a brain block ignores the all or part of the objects. Vision therapy is used to avoid seeing double.
  • Poor or erratic performance: In this eye problem, you will skip some lines of the reading, or left out some of the words. You will face difficulty in understanding what you have read .There may be a chance of the slow read. You may also face difficulty in doing sports, dropping the ball etc.
  • Discomfort or fatigue: if you are suffering from body tension, stress and the pain in the eyes at the end of the day, then vision therapy is the suitable treatment for these kinds of the problems.



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