Eye Injuries:

Eye injury includes wide variety of ocular pathology. It is imperative to see an eye specialist in case of any trauma to the eye. Injury, unlike disease, presents multiple challenges to the surgeon. The injury could involve level of tissue or combination of tissues in the eye.

No two eye injuries are similar in nature. Extent of the eye injury is often obscured by disruption of the clarity of cornea, swelling of eyelids, blood in the back or front, etc. Obscuring of the trauma may have an underlying retinal detachment, lens displacement, foreign objects, or even more damage.

Ocular trauma is considered as one of the most complex and challenging areas for a retinal surgeon. From the onset of practice in 1982, ocular trauma has gained special attention in terms of research as well as restorative surgery.

Here are some of the eye injury first aid response points to note:

• Avoid rubbing or putting any pressure on the eye.

• Avoid any attempt to remove any penetrating objects from the eye.

• Try to flush the eye with water for at least 20 minutes for any type of chemical accidents.

• Do not bandage the eye.

• Any open wounds to the eye should be covered lightly without any direct pressure.

Rana Hospital is the pioneer in treating chemical injuries to the eye with stem cell transplantation. Stem cell transplantation for eye trauma delivers high success rate to the patients.

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