Must-Follow Steps for Computer Users to Prevent Eye Problems

Eyes are one of the most important parts of the human body and a primary sense organ. But due to the rapid digitization of the society and incorporation of computers within the work fields, an increase in the number of eye-related problems can be easily noticed. So a person whose work is mainly centered on monitors and screens must also be extra protective about his or her eyes.

How eyes get weakened

Eyes get weaker with age, and in this digital world, they are more prone to faster deterioration. Working for a long time on computers and other digital accessories surely takes a toll on the viewing conditions. This may result in the eye’s lose of flexibility to adjust to different conditions and inability to focus and refocus rapidly. Also, there are certain issues like different viewing angles and sharpness when switching from printed materials to digital ones.

Consulting an expert and improving light conditions

Visiting an Eye-specialist should be done regularly for a thorough eye checkup. Also, patient should provide the complete statistics about the time he or she spends in front of a computer or the distance between the screen and the eyes. When inside home, lights coming from the exterior should be blocked and strong fluorescent lights while working on the computer should be avoided. Replacing high intensity bulbs with soft white LED bulbs is always advisable.

Adjusting screen settings

Glare issues are a normal thing with almost every digital display out there. This can be minimized with the help of anti-glare screen. Also, older display devices should be changed to the newer and larger ones to avail the modern technologies that protect the vision. Adjusting the display and resolution setting is another smart way. The display brightness should be adjusted to that of the surrounding alongside contrast and color temperature.

Preventing Eye dryness

Eye dryness is another major problem that occurs when sitting in front of screens for a long period. The easiest way to tackle this is blinking. This helps by moistening the eye surface and relieves of irritations. Also, the ’20-20’ rule should be followed strictly to relax focusing muscles of the eyes and reduce fatigue. The rule states that after every 20minutes, a person should look away from the screen to an object which is 20 feets away for 20 seconds.

Correct positioning and using lens

Positioning the computers correctly is a great way to prevent vision damage. Ideally, a gap of 20-24 inches must be maintained between the monitor and the eyes. Alongside this, the center of the screen should be below the eye-level by 10-15 degrees. This makes the positioning of the head and the neck comfortable.  Also, using prescribed computer glasses or photochromic lens and artificial tear drops are recommended if the computer is being used for a longer period.

Other methods

Some other remedies and prevention include using cold tea bags once in a day. This helps in relieving fatigue and reduces swelling of the eye caused because of sitting in front of a monitor for a long time. Incorporating an eye-friendly diet containing green fruits and vegetables along with dairy products is also useful. Finally, exercises for the eyes as recommended by eye-specialists also help in preventing eye damage.

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