Cataract Surgery and Diabetes

Diabetics have a high chance of developing cataracts at early ages. Uncontrolled diabetics have further high chances. There are many precautions to be taken before going for surgery in such cases. First and foremost is strict diabetic control. The random blood sugar levels are very important as sometimes the fasting level is controlled but random […]

Quarantine Myopia

Quarantine during the corona period has affected the sight of lots of children. Due to hours of online studies and lack of physical exercise, myopia (or the glass number) has increased by 40-80%. Myopia is basically a disease in which a child cannot see distant objects clearly and the child has to use glasses to […]

Know About CSR – Cataract Serous Retinopathy

Cataract Serous Retinopathy is a condition in which fluid accumulate behind retina. The incidence of this disease is increasing day by day due to lifestyle of the patient. The patient presents with decrease in vision of one eye. This dimness of vision may be mild or profound. Sometimes patient cannot see straight line properly and […]