5 Common FAQs About Lasik Surgery in Ludhiana

  1. If you want to undergo Lasik Surgery, you should be 18 years old or above to become eligible for it. Age matters for LASIK Surgery because the cornea has stopped growing at some point in the treatment. Also, keep in mind that the eye prescription after this surgery does not change within the year. So, it is suggested to adhere to the age limit to know your eligibility for Lasik surgery. Contact the Best Lasik Surgeon in Ludhiana for better consultation and to know which type of Lasik is best for your eye condition.
  2. If I clear the test, is the LASIK procedure safe?
    Various tests are conducted before starting Lasik surgery on patients. The tests consist of Lasik testing, dry eye testing, pupil testing, contrast sensitivity testing, etc., which check the patient’s eye conditions and determine whether they are eligible for Lasik surgery. The proven records of Lasik surgery have shown that it is a safe treatment and gives long-term results. Lasik surgery has a high success rate because it is always executed by professional and skilled ophthalmic surgeons. The Best Lasik Surgeon in Ludhiana adheres to Lasik surgery standards and protocols, ensuring patient protection during the LASIK eye surgery procedure.
  3. Will I get cataracts or any other eye problems like dry eyes or night vision after LASIK surgery?
    Lasik surgery is a 100% safe procedure, as it is executed by professional surgeons. This treatment is done using modern technology and delivers successful results to patients. This is the reason why Lasik surgery from Lasik Hospital in Ludhiana has a high success rate and proven records. But there are few cases in which patients experience side effects of this treatment. Certain side effects of Lasik surgery include dry eyes, night vision, and other visible problems (including glare), etc. Otherwise, it is a completely safe procedure.
  4. If I am not from India, what is the total time taken for the procedure, and when can I fly back?
    If planned well, you only need an overall 3-4 days’ time for the Lasik procedure. If you are from India, it is planned that Day 1 will be the session with the medical doctor, and Day 2 will be the procedure. Those who are working and even if they use computers for a long time can plan to return to work on Day 5. It can also be planned in a way that you do not need more than a day’s leave from work, if Day 1 is the session and Day 2 is the procedure.
  5. How is Rana Eye Hospital different from other Lasik centers?
    Rana Hospital is the best Lasik Hospital in Ludhiana that transforms the way our patients see the world. They provide superior, first-class eye care services in a user-friendly way. They prioritize giving quality eye care service experience in Punjab to patients by skilled and experienced medical professionals.

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