Effect of Lockdown (Online Studies) on Eyes of Children

There are lots of Eye Problems which are being reported during lockdown. It is because of more usage of smartphones and screens by children & adult alike. Online classes and games have also taken a toll over eyes if children.

Effect of Online Studies on Eyes of ChildrenDry Eye – When a person looks at screen the blinking rate of eye decreases. As a result the eyes become dry. The postures of person while looking at screen also add to the problem.  As a result eyes have gritty sensation as if something is there in eyes.  Person may suffer from blurriness off and on due to dry eyes.  Watering may also increase this is called reflex watering. People think erroneously that if eye water they cannot suffer from dry eyes.

Increase in number of spectacles – Due to excessive work the number of spectacles may increase. Due to lockdown not many people can visit doctors so the number increase remains unchecked.

Squint – There is another problem of deviation of eyes. The eyes appear to be decentered. Due to uncorrected number of spectacles the eye appears deviated. Latent Squint nealry manifest due to excessive near work.

Metabolic Changes – There are lot of metabolic changes which occur due to prolonged sitting. These can increase the cholesterol level which can cause various other problems in eyes and body.

Headache – Headaches are very common due to light coming out of screens. Mostly these screens are seen during night time which spoils the circadian rhythm of the body. The sleep lesser also cause fluid retraction around the eyes. Posture changes may lead to vertigo.

All the charges are detrimental to the well-being of person.  So, Online Screen time should be strictly restricted and Outdoor activities should be promoted.

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