Quarantine Myopia

Quarantine during the corona period has affected the sight of lots of children. Due to hours of online studies and lack of physical exercise, myopia (or the glass number) has increased by 40-80%. Myopia is basically a disease in which a child cannot see distant objects clearly and the child has to use glasses to […]

ROP – New Step To Fight Against Preventable Blindness.

We have taken another step in our fight against preventable blindness. This time it is for tiny tots who are the future of our country. We are talking about Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) which affects the retinas of premature babies born before 35 weeks. ROP if detected and treated in time, is 100% preventable and […]

Progression of Number (Eye Sight)

There are lots of confusions over increase in number of spectacles. Increase in number of children less than 18 year is normal. As with every growing part of human body eye also grows in size. It can be taken as increases height or size of hands. Eyes grow with age and if compensatory mechanisms do […]

Common Eye Diseases in Children

Taking care of your eyes and learning about your health is a first step to prevent vision loss caused due to common eye problems and the eye diseases that affect people in childhood.  There are various types of eye diseases which are more common in children. Early detection will have better treatment or prognosis. This […]