Myopia, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

Myopia is among the several abnormalities of refraction that affect the eyes. Also called ‘near sightedness’ or ‘short-sightedness,’ it impairs the eyes’ capacity to view items located far off.

With people participating in more or less sedentary lives and near-work most of the time, myopia has started increasing in its incidence and prevalence throughout the years. To know more about the Myopia, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments.

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Symptoms of Myopia

  • Trouble seeing while staring at far-away items
  • Driving does not seem comfortable anymore because looking in the darkness gets difficult
  • Excessive eye strain, which leads to headaches
  • Excessive blinking of eyes
  • Rubbing of eyes with a more than average frequency
  • Unaware of objects put at far away distances
  • The need to squint eyes for seemingly routine task

Myopia Diagnosed?

The need to examine patient history extensively and correctly identify signs and symptoms should never be overlooked. But a few diagnostic procedures are carried out to co-relate them with clinical data and achieve a validated diagnosis.

  • Retinoscopy:

A unique gadget known as a retinoscope is used to beam light within the patient’s eyes. An ophthalmologist then analyses the status of the retina. Retinoscopy is highly beneficial in determining the degree of refraction of both eyes. This operation can be conducted both with and without a cycloplegic drug (anything that affects pupil dilatation) for improved retina viewing.

  • Visual Acuity:

Visual acuity reflects the degree of eyesight clarity, something akin to the resolution power of a camera lens. It is reliant on elements including the neurological status of the person, retinal health, and the degree of retinal focus.

  • General Ocular Health Assessment:

This exam is used to measure the overall health of the eyes. Various tests, such as fundus, ophthalmoscope, and slit-lamp biomicroscopy, are used to get this result. The retina, choroid, and pupils can all be assessed using these procedures. With various machines such as Air puff tonometer intraocular pressure needs to be measured.

  • Ophthalmic Parameters:

Ocular motility, accommodation, and binocular vision are all included in this list. To properly assess visual health indicators in adults and children, various tests have been developed. Eye muscles can be evaluated using the penlight test.


Many people have myopia, which is a prevalent kind of refractive error.  Myopia is now a treatable condition thanks to modern surgical methods with a high percentage of success. Myopia under 18 years of age can be corrected by glasses and contact lens. Myopia after 18 years of age can be treated with Lasik, PDR or ICL

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