Things to know if you are considering LASIK eye surgery

Read this article carefully if you consider getting LASIK surgery to correct your vision. If you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, this article will fill you in on the details you need to know.

Know your doctor

If you want good results from LASIK eye surgery, choosing an ophthalmologist who is both qualified and suitably trained to do the treatment is essential. It’s important, so don’t ignore it.

Care Before Surgery

Visit your surgeon and ask questions before Lasik eye surgery. Contact lenses and cosmetics/chemicals should be avoided on the day of surgery. Two to three weeks before surgery, patients are told to cease wearing contacts. Before surgery, contact lenses should be discontinued to preserve the cornea’s natural form. After surgery, avoid applying cosmetics or chemicals to your face to reduce infection risk.

During the operation, patients are kept awake.

Patients undergoing LASIK eye surgery are typically kept awake the entire time because the procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure. But before they  gin, they will  apply some drops to numb your eye’s surface.

You should be familiar with your refractive error.

The patient will have a better idea of the severity of the vision impairment and the likelihood that further correction will be required if the refractive error is made clear. “Refinements” are additional procedures performed on the patient, and they are typically necessary in cases of severe myopia.

Be aware of the potential risks.

Patients endure discomfort during the first 24 to 48 hours, then it subsides. Even though Lasik eye surgery corrects eyesight, adverse effects are possible. Before the procedure, they must research and prepare for the hazards. This helps the patient plan and take precautionary measures.

Treatment after Surgery

Post-operative care of Lasik eye surgery is important Concerned patients and their families need thorough instructions on post-operative care, including how often to come in for check-ups, how many eyes drops to use, and when it’s safe to resume activities like sports or facial makeup.


Lasik eye surgery is beautiful surgery to restore your vision. Make sure your expectations are appropriate based on your personal preferences and risk tolerance. Rana Eye Hospital can answer your inquiries. If you’re not sure, don’t rush into something.

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