How to take care of your eyes after Lasik eye surgery

Myopia affects many people globally. Using lenses like glasses or contacts is a common solution. Lenses and glasses have downsides. Young folks find spectacles uncool since they clash with their style. Young and old would benefit from a modern lens alternative. Myopes feel helpless in these situations.

Before Lasik Surgery

Before Lasik surgery, consult with an eye surgeon. This consultation will explain the procedure and what to expect. The doctor will ask about your family’s health. An eye exam is also needed. Exam will measure corneal thickness, pupil size, intraocular pressure, etc. LASIK eye surgery requires some precautions. If you meet these conditions, you shouldn’t get the operation:

  • It’s Pregnancy or Nursing Time for You
  • You Are Not Old Enough to enter (less than 18 years of age)
  • Illnesses of the eye, such as glaucoma or dry eye syndrome, have you down.
  • You are currently taking multiple medications.
  • You are suffering from a debilitating condition that has persisted over time, like diabetes or arthritis.
  • Your Corneal Membrane Is Very thin.

Care for Your Eyes After Laser Surgery:

Following laser eye surgery, you should do a few things to maximise results and avoid problems.

  1. You should never touch or rub your eyes.

Touching your eyes repeatedly is not a healthy habit. After Lasik surgery, avoid rubbing or touching your eyes. It’s a bad idea because it could be harmful or cause eye strain.

2.Relax and rejuvenate effectively

After laser eye surgery, the patient must rest and keep their eyes closed. Follow your doctor’s orders and rest at home. After a short break, you can return to your regular routine.

  1. Lubricate your eyes.

After Lasik, many people are dry or itchy. If this happens, don’t panic. Laser eye centre eye drops can relieve dry or itchy eyes. Taking the right doses at the right times can quickly relieve eye discomfort.

4: Take medications on time.

Antibiotics are sometimes given before laser eye surgery, although infections are sporadic. Don’t forget to take any antibiotics or other drugs precisely as your doctor advises.

  1. Eye masks provide nighttime eye protection.

After corrective eye surgery, doctors often recommend sleeping with a soft eye mask. Wear a sleep mask to protect your eyes. No accidental scrapes, rubbing, or bumps. After Lasik eye surgery, it protects the eyes from dust and debris.


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