How Squint Affects Your Vision & Possible Treatments For It?

Squint is basically deviation of Eyes in which eyes do not look straight. It is commonly called (Bhengapan) in (Hindi or Punjabi Language). It gives feeling of Low Self esteem to person having it. It should be treated as early as possible.
Vision of Child is developed in early years of Life. If child has squint the vision of eye which is deviated does not develop and eye goes into being lazy.

The amblyopia or Lazy Eye develops in the Squint. The treatment of Squint should be instituted as early as possible At Rana Hospital we have number of treatments available.

Correction of refraction error or glasses is first and foremost step in treating squint. The proper glasses should be checked. If possible child should by dilated & retinoscopy done. The prescription of glasses depends on squint of child.

Vision Therapy is also beneficial in treating squint of eyes by making the muscles of eye strong.
The Surgery is beneficial if there is no refractive error in child or his vision is normal.

Surgery should be done in these cases early otherwise these children may have fusion problems later in life.
Muscles of eye are readjusted so that eyes become straight. If even after wearing glasses & doing vision therapy the squint still remains we have to do surgery.

One should always remember that if a person has undergone squint surgery, he will still have to wear glasses. This surgery is done to remove the deviation in eye rather than removing glasses.

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