Progression of Number (Eye Sight)

There are lots of confusions over increase in number of spectacles. Increase in number of children less than 18 year is normal. As with every growing part of human body eye also grows in size. It can be taken as increases height or size of hands. Eyes grow with age and if compensatory mechanisms do not act there is increase in number.

So whenever parents note increase in height of child already having glasses. The glasses should be checked, after 18 years the number of glass rarely changes. That makes cut off age of Lasik to be 18 years. After 18 years if the number changes. One should get topography of eye done.

If the number increases gradually in children it should not worry parents but if the number increases fastly proactive steps should be taken.

Eye drops are available which halt the progression of number. Vision therapy is available at Rana Eye Hospital which is beneficial to prevent progression of eye number. There is no magic cure to decrease in number of glasses.
Increase in number sometimes due to wrong refraction done by optical. Get a detailed work up before getting specs changed. In less than 7 years of age child get a dilated retinoscopy done from a reputed eye hospital.

In adults frequent change of number may be due to glaucoma or keratoconus. In old age change of number is due to cataract.

Any change in number is children should not alarm parents but any changes in number in adults should be properly checked by ophthalmologist.

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