Quarantine Myopia

Quarantine during the corona period has affected the sight of lots of children. Due to hours of online studies and lack of physical exercise, myopia (or the glass number) has increased by 40-80%. Myopia is basically a disease in which a child cannot see distant objects clearly and the child has to use glasses to focus the objects clearly on the retina. In children, glasses have to be used for both near and distance work.

When corona times were over and children moved out to schools or went out for movies, they could not see blackboards and screens clearly. Lots of such cases have been reported in OPD of Rana Hospital since then. Dr. Brijinder Singh Rana has case reports of such children who were not having glasses before corona or quarantine but since schools have opened, lots of cases have come up at all ages. “Screen time” has played an important role in this disease. Lack of exercise in sunlight is playing havoc with children’s eyes.

What is Myopia?

  • Myopia is the disease of the eye in which a person cannot see distant objects.
  • A negative Concave lens has to be used to see objects clearly.
  • With age negative number keeps on increasing.

Risks of Myopia-

  • Chances of Retinal Detachment are more in children having high negative numbers.
  • Chances of macular degeneration/ retinal degeneration are more.

Treatment of Myopia-

  • Negative Powered Lenses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Lasik Laser- Refractive Surgery
  • Phakic Lenses

Prevention –

  • Regular Eye Checkup of eyes
  • Regular retina examination if the number is more

Vision Therapy Services in Rana Hospital

  • Lots of Eye Exercises are available for the prevention of these diseases.
  • Usage of Eye Drops (Such as Low Dose Atropine) has been found beneficial in preventing the progression of Myopia.

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