Quick FAQs on Customized Lasik or Contoura Vision

There is lots of research going on in Lasik and various new techniques have been developed in recent times.

Whats best way to do lasik?

In normal Lasik Machine the Excimer is fired on cornea as a sphere or plain surface. Actually cornea is not sphere or plain surface there are some aberration on it. These can be understood as small hills or craters on plain surface. Customized Lasik makes a map of all these and taking care all these it fires Excimer. As a result the ablation is smoother.

What is the advantage of getting customized Lasik?

As ablation is more smooth in customized Lasik, the patient is more comfortable. The night vision better and quality of vision is better. The patient recovers faster after Lasik

Is it expensive to get Customized Lasik or Contoura Vision?

No, it is not very expensive. The package cost of Customized Lasik is just 10% more than normal Lasik but the cost is offset by less number of days it takes to recover and quality of vision.

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