Poor Oral Health & Vision Loss- Here is What to Know

Have you ever noticed that patients associated with tobacco have a number of vision issues? In this case, we also consider second-hand smokers. The latest studies indicate that patients with gum or dental issues have vision/ eyesight issues.

As we clearly know that our vision deteriorates with age, a number of young patients experience visual issues without knowing the exact cause, However, the best Ophthalmologist at Rana Hopistal explains that it is high time that patients reconsider about prioritizing their oral health as this could be the trigger factor.

How does your Poor Oral Health Affect Your Vision?

The human body compromises of the lymphatic system, which is a network of vessels that aid in eliminating toxins from the body. The lymphatic system generally transports lymph, a liquid that contains infection-fighting cells “white blood cells” in the body.

Indeed, any bacteria and infection in the mouth will travel to the rest of the body, including the brain where it can cause more damage. This may result in a number of medical conditions such as brain lymphoma.

Dental Work & Dental Problems that can trigger Vision Problems

Poorly treated gum infections and root canal treatments can cause earlier visual issues in individuals. Currently, dental treatments like mercury fillings used to fill cavities are some of the major causes of vision issues. According to the best ophthalmologist, mercury fillings must be safely removed and replaced with composite resin or porcelain. This is because mercy fillings contain chemicals and fumes that can directly affect the brain and the eyes.

Untreated dental decay, fungal, periodontal, and bacteria oral infections from root canals can also lead to vision loss.

Common vision problems in patients with poor dental health include; glaucoma, ocular lymphoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and uveitis.

What to Know!

Much as commonly neglected, poor oral health can cultivate a path to various medical issues, not alone vision problems. Certain cases commonly overlooked include the inability to chew food properly. This case can result in gastrointestinal problems, resulting in vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, and mal-absorption.

Other related medical conditions include Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Infections, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Dementia among others. In addition, poor oral health is linked to premature births and low birth weight in expectant mothers .

What to Do!

  • Prioritize Dental checkups

Although most patients neglect this, scientists recurrently explain how proper dental health can aid in combating a number of health conditions. Certain factors like stress and depression have various effects on the body and unless dealt with effectively, they can cause a wide range of health issues.

  • Treat Any Dental Issue as soon as possible

Poorly performed dental treatments like root canal can create a gap for a variety of health issues including vision problems in the future. Visit an experienced dentist for better dental solutions.

  • Use mouthwash or Hydrogen peroxide

Our ophthalmologist advises you to rinse your mouth after every meal with either of the two. This will kill bacteria and reduce its effect on your dental and visual health.

  • Brush Twice a Day

Get a fluoride toothpaste and brush twice a day.

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