What are the different roles of Optometrist in Eye Care?

Optometrists are the eye doctors that need to contact in case of the ocular conditions. Optometrists play the vital role in order to prevent you from the blindness. Optometrists are the great providers of the vision correction. Most of the people think that Optometrists are the professional who only test eye and the prescribe the spectacles. Optometrists play the essential role in order to provide the various ophthalmic services to a large number of the people. You can consult the best Optometrist for the best eye treatment in India.

What are the various roles of Optometrists?

  • The main role of the Optometrists is to examine the eyes in order to determine the nature and the degree of the various vision problems and the various eye diseases.

  • The second major roles that are provided by the Optometrist is to search the major cause of the visual impairment and the next thing that he will detect the cause of the blindness. This will leave the severe social and the economic effects as these people are unable to get the educational and the employment opportunities. You can also visit the best eye hospital in Ludhiana for the various Optometrists services.

  • Optometrists also perform the different types of the tests like automated refractometry, streak retinoscopy, vision assessment on chart projectors, LogMAR charts, Snellen’s vision drum. These tests are performed in order to determine the visual acuity.

  • Optometrists are expert in the fitting of the different types of the contact lenses like daily wear, extended wear, disposable, toric, bandage, prosthetic and cosmetic contact lenses.

  • Optometrists will also provide the various aids like low vision aid, vision therapy

  • Optometrists also perform the various tests like depth perception, color perception, ocular mobility disorder test.etc. Optometrists also perform the test for the amount of the deviation of eyes.

  • Optometrists would be the first person to detect glaucoma after inspection of the intra-ocular pressure.

  • Optometrists can also detect the cataract with the help of the initial eye examination. Most of the Optometrists perform the biometry in order to check the intra-ocular lens power.

  • Keratoconus is detected by the Optometrists. This can be diagnosed with the corneal topography and manage with the hard contact lenses.

  • Most of the Optometrists provide the cosmetic support to the numbers of the patients with the disfigured eyes. This can be managed with the help of the prosthetic lenses or the cosmetic shells.

  • Optometrists also determine the dispensing of the prescription of the corrective glasses. Optometrists must be trained so that he has full knowledge of the varied range of the spectacle frames and the lenses.

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