Blade/Baldeless LASIK Surgery

The advent technology has presented different choices when it comes to Vision Correction procedures. Blade and Bladeless Lasik procedures are performed to correct vision, but it requires a decision before either of them is used.

The terms Blade and Bladeless Lasik are not of any bigger difference except the type of flap created in each of them. From the patient’s perspective, it would sound like the “Bladeless Lasik” is much more convenient and safer than the “Blade Lasik” which is believed to put one’s eyes at risk. Either way, each procedure is performed uniquely under specialized care and attention of an Ophthalmologist.

The Underlying Difference between Blade Lasik and Bladeless Lasik procedures.

The Blade Lasik Procedure

Known to be the traditional method, the procedure requires an instrument “microkeratome” that creates a hinged flap in the cornea. The flap is later lifted for the laser energy to effectively reshape the eye/s for better vision. The flap is then replaced.

The Bladeless Lasik Procedure

Unlike the former procedure where a blade is used, the latest Lasik procedure uses high energy laser to correct vision. During the procedure, a “femtosecond laser” is used instead of a blade. In some cases, the term IntraLase is preferred and apart from it, other Bladeless techniques include; Femtec (2010 perfect vision), zLasik (Ziemer Ophthalmic System), and Visumax (Carl Ziess Meditec).

What is the best Procedure

Both procedures are effective in correcting vision in patients, but the difference comes in with the comfort created or how fast the procedure runs. Most doctors prefer the Microkeratome due to the fact that it is fast.

Other surgeons have also stated that one needn’t bother about partial flaps, buttonholes, and free caps during the laser flap maker.

However, each doctor tries to fully explain both procedures to the patient. A patient needn’t worry for which Lasik procedure to go with, a professional Ophthalmologist offers special guidance towards the best procedure depending on a patient.

All in all, many surgeons have stated that Microkeratome is more productive and safer than the other procedure.

Pros and Cons of each Procedure

The traditional Lasik (Blade Lasik) method consumes less time during suctioning. However, complications like buttonhole flaps are common in this method though very rare.

The surgeon can correct the problem in case it occurs.

With the latest method (Bladeless Lasik), a thinner corneal flap area created at the centre and reduces the chances of complications and risk, such as corneal abrasions and astigmatism.

However, transient light sensitivity is one risk that many patients complain about after the procedure.

Consultation Vital Before the Procedures

Almost all patients are introduced to new terms before the modern eye treatment or vision correction surgeries. For that matter, you require an advanced hospital with specialized and professional Ophthalmologist to explain to you the depths of the various treatment approaches.

Patient evaluation before the procedure is crucial, since not all may require the same treatment approach.

Evaluating your (patient) postoperative eligibility for effective treatment and care is important. As a patient, try to understand the side effects or possible complications after the surgery you are to undergo.

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