Visual Field Testing or Automated Perimetry

The test is very important for Glaucoma Evaluation and Monitoring. This is elaborate test to see the status of visual field of the person. Visual field is the peripheral vision of the patient. Where we check the patient for vision on snellen chart we evaluate the control vision. Central vision is last to be effected in glaucoma. Peripheral Vision is affected first in Glaucoma. To test peripheral vision of the patient we do automated perimetry.

It is made to sit on a dome shaped machine and he has to press the button once he sees light. Artificial Intelligence software evaluate the response of patient and give the report on paper. First the field has to be evaluated for its reliability by the eye surgeon. Once the field is reliable than only it can be used.

The field will reveal if patient has Glaucoma or neurological diseases. Severe Neurological disease are also detected by this test. Once any disease is detected this machine can also monitor the disease progression. We need to repeat the test to check for progression. This test has to be done carefully under supervision of trained ophthalmologist/optometrist to avoid false positive or negative result.

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