Care & Maintenance of Healthy Eyes

General Care:

  • Get your eye checked up yearly.
  • Do not touch your eye with dirty hand or any dirty clothes
  • Clean hand always keep the infection away
  • Do not wait for the self-healing of the infection or any abnormalities of the eye, visit the eye doctor as soon as possible .
  • Do not wash your eyes frequently.

Nutritional Care:

  • Have a balanced diet food along with the food rich in vitamin A ,C .Green leafy vegetables , fish , yellow  vegetables like pumpkin carrot are good for eye health.
  • Maintain good health with proper weight
  • Avoid bad health habit i.e. smoking drinking to avoid retinal disease and other vision related disorder

Kids Eye Care:

  • Get yours infant eye checked up after birth to detect any abnormalities.
  • Sun glasses are equally important for the children
  • Properly fitted comfortably spectacle should be worn.
  • Keep the children away from digital gadget
  • Parent should allow their children to play in ground for proper visual development which also helps to stay away from myopia.
  • Avoid frequent rubbing of eyes.
  • Visit the eye specialty if your kid is having behavioral issue, such as communication problem,
  • Avoid frequent rubbing of the eyes

Contact Lens Care:

  • Clean the contact lens always before wearing and storing
  • Don’t sleep with contact lens
  • Donot swim with contact lens.
  • Contact lenses are not only for cosmetic purpose, it can treat many eye abnormalities such as keratoconus, degeneration of cornea, trauma.etc

 Squint Care:

  • Not always the surgery can be the correct option for treatment of squinting of eyes also the therapy can cure it.

 Visual hygiene:

  • Avoid near work continuously which may cause ocular discomfort
  • Donot work continuously in system, take a frequent break at the interval of 20minutes , look at 20 feet far and blink for 20 times.
  • Some special types of lenses like blue cut lenses, ARC coating glasses are best option during computer work.

 Infection care:

  • Donot cover the diseased eye.
  • Donot use the same things like eyedrops, or any cloth which has been used for diseases eye, next to healthy eye.
  • Avoid eye makeup temporarily till infection treated
  • Stay away from contact lens use


  • Control your blood pressure and sugar level
  • Get your eye examined regularly if you have high BP and Diabetic to stay away from retinopathy of eye.

Family history:

  • Those who have the family history of glaucoma, myopia may have chance to develop same so get your checked up

Low vision care:

  • Family support and motivation is the key point to survive with comfort for patient who is having low vision.
  • Some especially designed optical device are available such as magnifier and telescope which will emphasise the daily activities work of the patient.

 Injured eye care:

  • Any injury to eye may cause infection or any other serious eye problem resulting in vision loss so early treatment is required  so visit nearby eye doctor as soon as possible
  • Don’t rub the injured eye.

Operated eye care:

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes at least 1 months
  • Protect yours eye for from water
  • Wear the full shield sunglasses
  • Avoid the near work which strain the eye.
  • Clean the operated eye genteelly with sterile water.


  • Prescribed / powered glasses should be worn regularly
  • Always the same glasses may not work properly to provide sufficient vison so get your eye checked and get the glasses.
  • Glasses only correct the visiual problem caused due to refractive error not the eye disease problems.


  • Remove the kazal before bed.
  • Clean your eyes with Johnson baby shampoo
  • Use sunglasses with tint , coating or any photochromatic to stay away safe from ultraviolet rays hazards.

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