What are the Ways to Maintain Good Eye Sight

These days there is lot of exposure to screens like mobile screen, LEDs, gaming console and computer screens etc. Exposure to screens will increase with days to come. High pressure jobs are also changing the way we sleep. In people who travel a lot, sleep patterns are also increasingly changing. There has to be some discipline in our lifestyles.

Important things which should be done to maintain healthy eyes.

1.) Adequate Sleep – Sleeping for almost eight hours at night will relax the eyes. Sleeping at particular fixed time will maintain the circadian rhythm. The hormonal imbalance is due to changes in the sleep cycle.

2.) 20-20 rule for screen watching – Make sure to take a break from screen watching every twenty minutes. The break should be probably 20 seconds.

 3.) Multiple nutrients are required for our eye functioning. So green leafy vegetables and good protein diet will help the eyes recover itself.

4.) UV Rays have been seen to cause many diseases in the eyes. Protection of eyes with good UV block glasses goes a long way in protecting them.

5.) Regular Check up of eyes – Vision and intraocular pressure need to be regularly monitored after at least six months. Regular check up of blood pressure and blood sugar  can help in keeping vision safe for long time.

Regular exercise keeps the body fit and makes our eyes also healthy. Due to exercise there is better oxygenation of all organs including eyes.

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