What Are The Various Home Remedies Of The Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is the chronic and the progressive disease. In most of the cases, this disease is not fully curable. But the treatment helps to manage the dry eyes successfully. Dry eye treatment will provide you the greater level of the eye comfort and sharper vision also.

What are the various causes of the dry eye syndrome?

The first cause of the dry eyes is the too windy or dry weather. This is temporary system and it can be easily preventable. You must wear the protective sunglasses.

The second cause maybe you are suffering from any eye disease. These are occurred due to the side effects on the eye. If you change the composition of the tear film, then this disease is preventable. This will lead to the proper production of the tears.

Sjogren’s syndrome is the disease of the immune system: This will reduce the production of the tears and the saliva. This cannot be identified by your body but it will attack or destroyed your eyes. This also leads to the problem of the dry eye syndrome,

Home treatment for the dry eyes: If you are having small dry eye symptoms, following precautions will help you to free from the dry eyes.


Blink more frequently: It is recommended by the best eye hospital in Ludhiana that your eyes will blink more frequently than the normal blinking. This is done while using the computers, smart phones and the other digital device. If you don’t blink repeatedly, then you will face the worsen dry eye syndrome. You have to perform the full blink. This will help you wash your eyes with the fresh layers of the tears.

Take frequent breaks from the computer use: This is recommended by the best eye hospital in India that you should look away from your computer screen in every 20 minutes. You must look something from the 20 feet for at least 20seconds. This rule is commonly known as 20-20-20 rule. This will help your eyes from the dry eyes and excessive computer strain.

Remove eye makeup thoroughly: Sometimes, eyeliner and other eye makeup can restrict the opening of the meibomian glands. This will evaporate the dry eye. This is essential to remove all the eye makeups from the eye’s lids and the eyelashes.

Clean your eyelids :At the end of the day, you should wash your face. You also have to clean your eyelids. This will help your eyes to prevent from dry eyes.

Then apply the warm and moist cloth in your closed lids. This procedure is done for at least one to two minutes.

Wear quality sunglasses: You must wear the quality sunglasses when you go outside. You have to purchase those sunglasses that are 100% free from the UV rays. It is also designed to be the wrap-style frame. This is essential to protect your eyes from the winds.

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