What are the various common eye problems after the age of 40?

When you reach the age of the 40, then you will start to notice the minor changes that come in your vision. This is the normal thing when you are growing old. There are the numbers of the genetic disorder and numbers of the health-related issues, are responsible for the high risk of the age-related eye diseases. This includes macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma and dry eye problems.

Let’s discuss the common old age eye problems

Cataract: when you reach the age of the 60, then cataract is the common problem. In this case, vision with cataract problem will be blurred or the cloudy. Colors may also seem to fade.

Treatment: There are two ways to correct the cataract problem. One is the conventional way and other is the laser way. In this treatment, the cloudy lenses are replaced with the new artificial lens. These lenses are commonly known as the intra-ocular lens. This treatment takes only 15 minutes. This is the outpatient treatment. You can go home after the treatment.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes is the major cause of all the eye problems in the old people. Diabetic Retinopathy is the severe problem as it is occurred due to diabetes. If it is not treated properly, then it leads to the night blindness also. In this condition, there is actual damage to the tiny blood vessels inside the retina. This problem is common in the diabetic of type 1 or type 2. This can be only cured if you control the blood sugar level.

Treatment: The treatment of this diabetic retinopathy is dependent upon the type and severity of the problem. The main aim of this treatment is the slowing or stopping down the progression of this problem.

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

This disease occurs with the growing age. It slowly destroys the sharp and central vision. This causes common eye problems in the old people. Central vision is essential to see the objects clearly. Central vision is required for performing daily tasks like reading and driving etc. This is the major cause of the vision loss after the age of 50.


It is actually the group of the diseases that actually damage the eye optic nerve. This is basically concerned with the pressure of the eye and it also affects the peripheral vision. If it is not detected at the time, then it can cause the blindness. This is the common eye problem among the old age people.

Treatment: There are multiple solutions to this problem like eye drops, medicine, and laser therapy. The main aim of this therapy is to prevent the loss of the vision. If the vision is lost due to this problem, then it is irreversible.

Dry Eye

This problem occurs when your eye does not produce tears. This occurs when your tears are evaporated so quickly. People suffering from this problem, cannot perform the daily activities like use of the computer and reading.

Treatment: There are multiple treatments available in the market. You can consult the best eye hospital in India for the best eye treatment after the age of 40. This best eye hospital in India offers you the best world-class eye treatment.

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