Special Tests for Squint (strabismus)

Squint is the incorrect balance of the muscles that move the eyes. If these are out of balance, then there may be chances the eye may turn in converge. Sometimes it is turn up or down. These are situations in which your eyes are not working properly. Squint can occur at any age. This is also possible that baby can be born with the squint or develops after the birth. You can consult the best eye surgeon for the best squint eye treatment in India.

What are the special tests for squint and related disorders?

Cover test and prism tests: This is the important evaluation procedure for the patients who are having the squint. These tests are performed in the doctor office. This test will help the doctor to classify the squint and also helpful to grade the severity of the same. This is the most important to plan the treatment. With the help of the torchlight and prism will help the doctor to evaluate the squint with the great degree.

Orthoptic evaluation: this is the method that checks how effectively both eyes function together. This type of testing is performed with many instruments named synaptophore. Special types of the instruments are used to measure the near point of the convergence and near the point of the accommodation. This treatment will better guide the doctor how it is difficult for the person to view the near objects.

Hess and diplopia charting: these two tests are performed to know about the misalignment of the two eyes. This involves the condition of the double vision in a patient. The extent and the direction can be charted with the help of two tests. These tests are performed with the green and red goggles. One colored glass is placed in front of one eye and other is placed in front of the other.

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