Neurophthalmology Treatment

Neuro-ophthalmology disorders are those visual problems related to the nervous system. These conditions/disorders include optic neuritis, stroke, Diplopia (double vision), headaches, Bell’s Palsy, and Giant Cell Arteritis. Special Neurophthalmology tests for Neurophthalmology treatment in India include;

Hess and Diplopia Charting
These tests help in the measurement of the extent of misalignment in both eyes. During these tests, red and green goggles are used to prompt the level and the extent of double vision to be charted

Color Vision Testing
There are basically two tests utilized for color vision testing in an individual. Ishihara’s charts are one of them and during this procedure, various charts with letters and numbers are presented and the patient is asked to identify the numbers and the letters

Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test is the second in which the patient is asked to arrange various caps of different hues in order. The best illumination in the room is vital

Contrast Sensitivity Testing
This test ideally involves the identification of the patterns of gray on a gray background

The eye is affected by various defects that can at times fail to be identified by some tests, especially in the retina and the optic nerve. Therefore the measurement of contrast sensitivity helps the doctor to understand and diagnose subtle defects in the eye. This test ideally involves the identification

Visually Evoked Potential (VEP)
During this test, patterns of dark light or bright light and light bands are projected onto the eye which results in the generation of electrical potentials in the brain. These electrical potentials are recorded and used to provide essential information about the functional intactness of the optic nerves and the pathways

CT Scanning

CT scanning is an essential way of evaluating the bony cage “orbit” and the entire eye. CT scanning enables the ophthalmologist to identify various foreign bodies, injuries among other conditions

This is a computerized system in which X-rays are utilized to build images of thin slices of tissue to facilitate a detailed evaluation of various tissues. Various alterations are made in the software to improve the image quality

In other cases, contrast agents, which are injectable solutions can be utilized to attain a clear picture and additional information

MRI scans
This is a specialized diagnostic procedure that also uses high technology. This procedure is highly recommended in case the ophthalmology detects that your eye condition may be caused by brain-related issues. This type of scanning exposes various tissues, blood vessels, and other parts of the brain

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