Precautions You Should and Should Not Take to Preserve Your Vision at Holi

One of India’s most beloved celebrations is Holi, the festival of colors. All around, bright colors create the most joyful and enjoyable atmosphere. In addition to joy, the event also brings anticipation. Take good care of your body, especially your skin, hair, and eyes. They require shielding from the Holi festival’s toxic paints. The eyes are the most sensitive part of the body, so they must be protected at all times, including during Holi. Have fun at the festival without sacrificing your health. To avoid damaging your eyes, follow these safety tips for Holi:


  • Cloak Your Eyes

If you get paint on your face, the first thing to do is to cover your eyes. The best action would be to shield your eyes with your palms. Colours can cause serious irritation if they come into touch with the skin.

  • Safeguarding with Coconut Oil

Rub pure coconut oil around your eyes. Applying a thick layer of coconut or almond oil around your eyes will help block out the dye. It’s a piece of advice passed down for generations regarding the Holi game.

  • Start using a high-quality moisturiser.

Protect yourself from the Holi colours with the help of a nice cold cream. It protects your eyes much like coconut oil and makes it less likely that you’ll get any pigment.

  • Put on your shades!

It looks like a fashion trend! The next best thing you can do to protect your eyes from the dry air and the coloured water at Holi is to wear sunglasses.


  • Taking out the contacts

If you suffer from allergies or eye infections, it’s best to avoid wearing contact lenses because of their water-absorbing qualities. Please protect your eyes from colours if you really must have them. Remove the contact lenses and flush your eyes with clean water if any dye gets in them.

  • Do not touch your eyes.

Try not to react instinctively! If any of the dye makes its way into your eyes, flush them out with some cold water.

  • Avoid taking drugs on your own.

Using the incorrect eye drops can do more harm than good, so be careful. To remove the dye, rinse your eyes with lubricating eye drops. However, in such cases, it is best to seek the advice of an expert.


Eye protection is essential for sensitive body parts on this day. Due to their location and current dyes’ toxic ingredients, Holi can injure the eyes. Protect your eyes and body. Eye protection is a must during holi! The Rana Eye Hospital is the place to go if you ever experience eye problems, such as an infection or injury.

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