Learn These 5 Crucial Pregnancy Eye Care Tips!

Some pregnant women report vision changes or difficulties. Women’s bodies and hormones undergo various changes during pregnancy in preparation for childbirth and breastfeeding. Pregnant women may be more prone to infection due to fluctuating hormones and increased blood flow, and they may also experience dry or watery eyes. Most cases of pregnancy-related eye infections clear up without treatment, but the discomfort they cause is real. We will discuss pregnant women’s most common eye problems and how to treat them here. Pregnant women frequently suffer from eye infections.

Pregnancy-related physical and hormonal changes increase the risk of eye infections-

  1. Dry Eyes:

Due to decreased tear production, most pregnant women experience dry eyes. Reduced tear production causes dryness, irritation, and ultimately, redness of the eyes. A burning sensation is also commonly encountered. They might also develop photosensitivity. Consult an ophthalmologist, who may prescribe some gentle eye drops to help. If your symptoms persist after taking the prescribed eye drops, you should schedule a follow-up consultation with your doctor.

  1. Weak Eyesight:

It’s possible that this weakening of vision will occur during the second trimester of pregnancy. Fluid retention during pregnancy is a typical cause of blurred vision because of the changes in hormone levels. If your eyesight has returned to normal after wearing contact lenses, you should consider purchasing glasses. You might also consult your eye specialist for recommendations on other treatments. The impaired vision before pregnancy is more likely to improve after giving birth.

  1. Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye:

Inflammation of the conjunctiva, a thin membrane that helps form the eyelid and protects the front area of the eye, is medically referred to as conjunctivitis. Blood vessels on the eye’s surface may dilate or enlarge, causing more blood to be pushed into the eye, giving the appearance of a bloodshot eye. In addition to the obvious redness and swelling of the infected eye, the pink eye often causes pain, irritation, burning, or stinging in the eye, as well as a watery discharge. If you have an eye infection, you should see an eye doctor. You’ll need to take extra measures to hasten your recovery and prevent a recurrence of the eye infection.

  1. Bloating:

Another typical side effect of pregnancy is puffiness from fluid retention. Pregnant women may also experience puffiness if they consume too much salt or coffee.

  1. Do not wear contact lenses:

Dry eyes and infections can make things much more uncomfortable or even painful, so it’s best to avoid wearing contact lenses if possible. Put on some glasses instead until your eyesight has returned to normal.


The mission of Rana Eye Centre is to be the best eye care provider in the region by consistently exceeding the expectations of our patients and their families via the delivery of personalized, high-quality eye care and service. A woman’s eyes will go through several changes throughout pregnancy. When the danger of developing pregnancy-related eye disorders is greatest, pregnant women must take care of their vision and eye health in the third trimester.

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