One of the common question that arises in the every person mind that whether the Lasik eye surgery is suitable for the old people or not. This is wonderful that the senior people can also be the candidate for the Lasik eye surgery. Old people can be the candidate for the Lasik eye surgery if and if only if he has the following the following point:

  • Old people must have the stable vision prescription

  • If he is having healthy eyes, he must not affect the other eyes problems.

  • If the old people have had overall good health.

  • This is the realistic fact that your eyes and the visual needs are quite changed with the passage of the time.

Why there is not any age limit fixed?

  • The below age limit for the Lasik is the 18 years of age. At this time, your eyes and the corresponding prescription may change with the age. This is the important fact that you have to wait for the stability of the eye vision before the laser eye surgery.>

  • In today’s world, the whole of the world becomes digital and there are so many of people that are suffered from the problem of vision loss in the early stages of life. But this is also common in the adulthood.

  • The most common age for the Lasik surgery is between 20 to 45 years. Stability of the eye mostly occurs in mid-twenties. This is the natural time for the Lasik eye surgery.

  • At the age of 45 to 55, there are some people who suffered from the presbyopia. This is the natural aging process and this will also lead to the problem of the difficulty in near vision.

  • No doubt, Lasik surgery is the treatment of the some of the presbyopis. There are other surgeries that are used to correct the other defects of the eye such as Monovision and KAMRA Inlay.

  • After the age of 55, there is famous eye disease cataract that may start and affect the vision at the early stages of the life. When the cataract is the main cause of the vision loss, then cataract extraction surgery is the suitable surgery rather than the Lasik eye surgery.

The basics that required for the Lasik eye surgery is the stable vision for at least a year, no eye diseases, and overall good health. If you are having all former features, then you are the right candidate for the Lasik eye treatment in India. You can also consult the best eye hospital in Ludhiana for the best eye treatment.
Having a good health doesn’t mean that you have the overall good health. You have consulted the specialist for the proper body checkup. When your surgeon declares that you are perfectly fine. Then your health will be considered fine for the Lasik eye surgery.

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