Lasik: Common Mistakes That Should be Avoided

LASIK is one of the most common procedures with high success rates and is used to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism so that you can live freely without contacts and glasses. LASIK is also known in Situ Keratomileusis, it also means using the laser to reshape the cornea.

The surgeon with the help of laser creates a circular flap which is thin and then folds back the flap which helps in the access the stroma and the corneal tissue is reshaped and then the flap is returned to its earlier position, which acts as the natural bandage.

As this procedure is very common and almost every eye hospital is offering it. There are some things which should be considered before fixing the appointment with the doctor or the common mistakes which should be avoided.

Mistake one: Choosing a LASIK surgeon/ centres whose results aren’t documented.

Nowadays many eye clinics will claim that they have treated “N” numbers of patients but don’t have the documented results and when asked gets offensive these eye clinics are a strict NO. You should look for those surgeons who have documented results and aren’t afraid to show them.

Mistake two: Choosing surgeons who offer the procedure at cheap rates.

You will find centres claiming that their price is comparatively less than other centres don’t mean that their services are good they might be using a 4/5-year-old technique, which might spoil your night vision and give you a blurry effect.

Mistake three: a centre which provides easy and a quick consultation.

Getting an examination for the LASIK procedure is a long task, the patient at least has to undergo 12 diagnostic tests and the surgeon who is going to perform your surgery has to personally check you a clinic which claims to give you a quick consultation and not checking you properly, then that surgeon and particular centre should be avoided.

Mistake four: Choosing a surgeon who is Managing multiple offices

A surgeon who is managing multiple offices might not be able to give you a proper time and might not be able to consult you properly you should preferably try to visit those surgeons who take ample amount of time and give consultation to their patients, sometimes this particular reason is the reason behind unsuccessful LASIK procedure.

Mistake five: Choosing a centre that doesn’t offer advanced technology

Always look for those centres which use advanced technologies even though medical terms are sometimes hard to understand but you should always ask the concerned surgeon or do detailed research and then go for the procedure.

Mistake six: Centres who have claimed to perform “N” number of surgeries.

There are many centres who claim to have performed “N” number of surgeries, a majority of the time centres employ many surgeons who have each performed a different amount of surgeries, so during the consultation have a detailed conversation with your surgeons sometimes these claims turn out to be false.

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