Know All About Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery is for removal of the clouded natural lens of your eye and replaces it with an artificial one. In most circumstances, the lenses of our eyes are clear. If you decide to get Cataract surgery, you’ll discover several procedures available. Even if there are a variety of surgical procedures, our doctors will recommend the best one for you.

How can cataracts be removed?

Cataracts were removed in the past by making a big incision into the eyeball. Remove the cataract by making it into a solid mass and then dissolving it. In contrast, a micro-puncture on the eyeball is used in the current procedure. Then, using an ultrasonic instrument, they will remove the gel-like immature cataracts. Phacoemulsification is the name given to this extraction technique.

What are the advantages of the second approach?

The technology has advanced tenfold; One of the main advantages is that technological developments improve safety. There is no doubt that the Phacoemulsification technology is far safer than the earlier techniques.

Because this approach only requires a micro-puncture instead of the massive incision needed for the earlier method, it has an additional advantage: This speeds up the healing process by several months. Furthermore, there are also hazards of infection. The healing time for traditional methods is 40 days. However, the recovery time for utilizing cutting-edge technology will be only four days.

The new surgical approach is appropriate for diabetics and others with cardiac issues. You don’t have to stop taking your medication for either of these consequences due to the Phacoemulsification process.

Trifocal and EDOF intraocular lenses can also be used in phacoemulsification surgery. After surgery, these lenses eliminate the need for eyeglasses.


To ensure that you are fully informed and satisfied with the scheduling and specifics of your cataract surgery, the surgeon has an essential role in making these decisions before your procedure. Schedule an appointment for a thorough examination of your eyes and a thorough discussion of your cataract surgery alternatives.

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