Keratoconus (Conical Cornea)

Keratocomus is a disease which permanently affects young adults. It is a progressive diseases which affects cornea (black portion of eye). It may be genetic or after Lasik. New researches are coming up about causes of this disease which remains still largely unknown.

The number of eye continuously change even after 18 years of age and vision continuously deteriorates. If it is left untreated patient may become blind.
Diagnosis achieved by topography. Pentacam is best available Topographer to detect this disease. Rana Eye Hospital has all the modalities to diagnose and treat this condition. Once it is detected it has to seen if ot is progressive or stable.
Progressive needs to be treated early. Treatment is done in step by step way.

C3R – Collagen cross linking of cornea is very useful to stabilize the keratoconus. It is day care procedure.

Scleral Contact Lens – Scleral Contact Lens act as bandage and improve vision of the patient.

Seperate therapy is needed in this type of patient through out life.

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