Rana Eye, Ludhiana is always welcomed, international patients.  Our team of surgeons always keeps updated in the field of the eye surgery.



• The huge pool of trained manpower – we are a strong team of the surgeons with a large cutting edge of technology and have vast surgical experience.
• Our surgeon has the strong fluency in English so that they can communicate easily.
• Our infrastructure is up to the standards of the developed countries.
• India has attracted a large number of the tourist interest. We also combine their treatment tour with the visiting tourists.


• We have highly pool of doctors and staff.
• Good communication skill in English with the doctors and staff.
• Our surgeon has the ample international exposure and also has the world-class surgical expertise.
• We have availability of the state of the art equipment.


May I take an appointment beforehand or directly approach the eye clinic?

You can take a prior appointment. This will make easier the process of the eye examination. The prior appointment will help you to lower the chances of the prolonged waiting or delays. So, it is mandatory to take an appointment.

How can I take an appointment with the surgeon at Rana hospital?

You can just book an appointment on our site. Our international; patient care coordinator will contact you within 24 working hours.

What do all details you require while taking an appointment?

If you are fixing a medical appointment, you require the following details:
• Your name as written in the passport.
• Current address
• Date of Birth
• A small description of your medical problem.
• If possible, scanned copy of your ailment.


Rana eye will provide you with the assistance regarding the visa formalities. Recently, we are not providing the assistance in the visa done but we can provide you with the contact details of the travel agent that will help you in the visa process.

Does the hospital provide transportation from the airport?

Our coordinator will arrange a taxi from pick up from the airport or drop to the airport on request.

Can Rana health care centre provide me with a language interpreter?

We basically have the language interpreter for all the appointments.


Will you arrange nearby hotel during the treatment?

Yes, we will help you to arrange the nearby hotel.

Will I have to stay in the Hospital post-surgery? If yes, then what are the arrangements?

All the latest surgeries don’t require any stay in the hospital. You don’t need to stay more than 24 hours.


What is the procedure of payment through Insurance companies?

We have accepted payment through the insurance companies. We just need the necessary papers and it will work for you.

How can I know about the cost of treatment and the duration of stay?

Once, you will book an appointment. According to your eye issue and medical need, we will estimate the cost of the treatment. We will provide the information about of the stay only when the treatment has started.


Post-treatment, can I take back the copy of my treatment with me?

Yes, you can take the copy of your treatment with you.

What if after reaching home I have a query? How do I get in touch with the Doctor?

Yes, this is also possible; you can call the doctor at any time. We can provide your personal number of the doctor after the treatment. You can contact on that number in case of emergency.


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