Know About I-Lasik or Femtosecond Lasik Laser

This technique is also called Blade Free Lasik and it is a very good technique to make patients free of glasses. What makes this special is the accuracy with which the flap is created.

There are two steps of Lasik for the removal of glasses.

1.) Creation of Flap: – Flap of Cornea is created by either a microkeratome or Femtosecond Laser. The laser is fed with a dimension of the flap to be created. The laser creates a flap according to the needs of the surgeon. This flap is regular in size and the complication rate of microkeratome is almost diminished. Microkeratome can cut a flap of a predetermined size. The flap size cannot be altered in Microkeratome.

2.) Excimer Laser: – One of the flaps is created; the excimer laser has to be fed with glasses number of the patient. The glasses number can be myopia (- number) or hypermetropia (+number). Once the machine is fed it will fire the laser which will carve the corneal bed to its predetermined number. The firing can be normal or customized which will be discussed in subsequent articles. Excimer will automatically remove the number from the cornea (front portion of the eye).

The flag is repositioned and cleaned and that completes Lasik Surgery. *YOU ARE FREE FROM GLASSES* from that step onwards.

During the whole process, there is no pain or injections but all patients have to follow instructions of the surgeon.

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