How Do You Check Your Eyes At Home?

It is very common for patients coming to eye OPD after losing complete vision. Then it is difficult to regain the lost vision. So there are ways to check your eyes at home only. You need not go to an ophthalmologist for these tests.

1. While watching TV Close one eye and other eye. See if you can see with both eyes equally. If both eyes have equal vision probably your eyes are normal. If one has less vision than others, you need to consult an eye specialist.

2. Test your color vision. See if you can see color intensity equally with each eye. If in one eye you see faded color it demands proper investigation of the optic nerve.

3. Draw Straight Line on paper check if you can see lines straight with each eye. If lines are wavy with any of eye, you need to go to an eye surgeon for the examination of the macula.

4. Patient who are diabetic or hypertensive need to check the vision of both eyes regularlary. If there are minor variation of vision in diabetes you need to monitor sugar level in such patients with home glucometer. If major decrease in vision occurs in either eye it is an emergency to visit an eye surgeon.

5. Patient of Glaucoma needs to be very careful about his peripheral vision. After closing one eye he should look straight and see if he can see the periphery . If you cannot see periphery you need to go to ophthalmogist.

6. In neurological disease also the field of vision is important. Half field is lost in many Brain diseases.

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