FAQ’s on Glaucoma for widening your vision

Glaucoma is a condition in the pressure of the eye called as intra-ocular pressure (IOP) is so much high and this will lead to the damage to the optic nerve of the eye. India has been developed in the medical field and a large number of the patients comes to India for obtaining the best glaucoma treatment in India from the different expert surgeons.

What Causes the Increase in Eye Pressure?

What Causes the Increase in Eye Pressure?

Sometimes, there is so much fluid that will restrict the drainage of the control system to maintain the proper pressure.

Is Glaucoma Always Due to High Pressure in the Eye?

Is Glaucoma Always Due to High Pressure in the Eye?

There are a limited group of the people who lose the vision with the consistent level of the pressure under the 21 mmHg. This condition is known as the Low tension glaucoma. This is the most dangerous type of glaucoma that needs the routine eye examinations. Glaucomatous usually appear different in each of the eyes. There is no need to over-restricted, just consult the best eye hospital in India for obtaining the effective Glaucoma treatment.

At What Age Do You Begin Taking Eye Pressure?

We have to give pressure to every patient. In the young children, this has been cured with the touching of the eye. But the Glaucoma is rarely present in the young people. But this becomes more complex after the age of 35. Glaucoma is found in 2% of the white people and 7% of the black at the most in the older age of 65.

Do the Drops Taken for Glaucoma Cure Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is actually just like the high blood pressure. The drops are used to control the pressure. When you stop the drops, the pressure will reoccur. Most of the patients believe that this is more dangerous if we take it in the constant amount.

Laser treatments can help you to eliminate the need for the eye drops but then it is effective in the 80% of the patients. But the wear off, this treatment is of 5 years. But this can be repeated. The most part of the Glaucoma is to give the patients regular drops in order to avoid the visual disturbance. But the eye drops don’t restore the lost vision.

If I Have Normal Pressure Can I Be Assured That I Don’t Have Glaucoma?

There are 1/3 of the people who have the normal eye pressure at the time of the examination. Other risk factors are age, family, corneal thickness, myopia etc. the main goal of the treatment is to control the pressure so that it cannot cause the further damage. This treatment will make you feel better rather than the look better.

I Have Heard that there are Two Types of Glaucoma?

    • Chronic or primary open angle glaucoma: This is the result of the high pressure in an inaccurate control system like the thermostat of your house is set to be so high.

    • Narrow-angle glaucoma: In this case, your eyes become so small. This will cause the Iris to bow forward.

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