Access Immediate & Cashless Treatment 24/7

Patients registered under the following Insurance Companies or Bodies, such as; Max Bupa Health Insurance, Health India, HDFC ERGO General Insurance, Genins India TPA Ltd, and National Programme for Control of Blindness among others, will attain cashless Eye Treatments at Rana Hospital upon their visit at the leading Eye and Lasik Laser centre in India.

Rana Eye Hospital partners with various insurance companies with a sole motive of providing immediate and quality eye treatment even amidst cash constraints. We provide Lasik Laser surgeries and nonsurgical treatments after a major assessment. Patients ought to present their insurance cards (Verification) upon their rival at the hospital.

Rana Eye experts provide specialized and advent eye treatments to all patients. Consultation and examinations are professionally performed at the advanced eye treatment centre. Surgeries are conducted in a specialized operation theatre, fully equipped with modern tools and instruments.

Our experienced and well trained staff have a professional approach to all patients seeking treatment. We help you throughout your recovery period showcasing great concern and professionalism.


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