Does Smoking Cause Eye Problems

Everybody knows that smoking causes Lung diseases, Lung Cancer, heart diseases but most people have not thought of eye 

problems being caused by smoking.

AMD (Macular degeneration) – Smokers are most likely to get this disease than non-smokers. In this disease the macula  gets affected. The central vision is affected more than peripheral vision.

Cataract – Though Cataract is disease of old age but 

progression is most likely when person is a chronic smokers. It causes blurring of vision and ultimately loss of vision.

Dry Eye -There is relative deficiency of tears in the smokers. As a result the eyes will felt scratchy as if there is foreign body stinging & redness may follow.

Diabetic Retinopathy -Smokers have higher risk of getting diabetic retinopathy. In this the vessels of eye (retina) gets damaged.

Optic Nerve– In this optic nerve diseases are more common in smokers. This may lead to irreversible vision loss. Thyroid diseases may flare up loading to bulging of eyes and losing vision.

Pregnancy & Vision Loss -If mother smokes during pregnancy the baby has five times more chances of getting infections (brain) as a child. The child may be born prematurity and this getting retinopathy of prematurity. It is disease of eye in which new born may loss vision.

Every effort should be done to quit smoking. For betterment of our society & general health this habit of smoking has to be eliminated.

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