Cost of a LASIK Eye Surgery

Considering a LASIK eye surgery may indicate that all the other options like the contact lenses, eye drops, glasses are ineffective. However, your decision may be met by a major constraint known as the cost. Well, you can only ascertain the LASIK eye surgery cost in India when you opt to consult an ophthalmologist about the procedure.

What you must know
Unlike other eye treatments, LASIK eye surgeries are charged per an eye. That means that in case both eyes require treatment, you will have to double the price for the surgery. The LASIK surgery cost per eye ranges from $1500 to $2800. You may realize a few variations depending on the following factors;

  • The Clinic or Eye Hospital
    A number of eye clinics in India charge a different price according to their terms and conditions or prominence. You will find that a hospital may only offer a grand total of a Lasik surgery whereas others may charge from the consultation, procedure, anesthesia, and treatment.
  • The LASIK Surgeon
    LASIK surgeries are technical eye treatments that require modern training and expertise. Depending on the hospital visited, you may face a huge cost due to your surgeon’s expertise and experience as compared to those that are less or inexperienced. However, there are eye hospitals that charge affordable and realistic prices for a LASIK surgery like Rana Eye Hospital.
  • The Laser Technology
    LASIK eye surgeries are being refined every now and then. Depending on your vision correction needs, you may require high expertise/technology to correct your vision which may hike the cost of your surgery.
  • Vision Prescription
    This concerns the results of the diagnostic procedures and what is required to be done as some patients may require extensive treatment or surgical considerations.
  • Location of the Clinic
    It’s automatic that you will have to foot a higher price when located in Delhi, Banglore, or other expensive cities in India compared to other states or cities in India. However, it is vital that you evaluate clinic per clinic in order to attain the surgery from the right clinic with the best technology.

Cost Calculator of LASER Eye Surgeries
COST RANGE (Per Eye) $
1500 – 3000
Ludhiana, Delhi
2400 – 3500
Ludhiana, Delhi, Chennai
4700 – 6500
Ludhiana, Delhi, Chennai
3500 – 4000
Ludhiana, Delhi, Chennai
3900 – 6000
Ludhiana, Delhi, Chennai

Possible Payment Options
Much as LASIK or LASER eye surgeries are considered extremely expensive to 3rds of the Indian population, there are various cost options for attaining a Lasik Eye Surgery in India conveniently. Payment Options may include;

  • A Loan
    Medication is considered a supreme factor to living a better life. That means that you will have to put in more effort to attain the surgery for a happier life. Banks or loans from friends can help you meet your cost in the shortest time possible.
  • Insurance
    Though Lasik eye surgeries are considered elective surgeries, a number of insurance policies can offer the treatment plan for some patients provided you meet the terms and conditions.
  • Your savings
    Try saving for your surgery the moment you learn that your eyes will require a surgery for better or proper vision. This will help you cut down the pressure you may face before the surgery.

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