What are the common eye complaints in human beings ?

Eyes are the greatest blessings of the Almighty. There is no life without the eyes.

What are the common symptoms of the various eyes problems?

There would be numbers of the symptoms that will reflect the numbers of the eye diseases in India. So of the common symptoms are given below:

  • Loss of vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Redness of the eye
  • Stickiness in the eyes.
  • Watering problem in eyes.
  • White reflex in the eyes.
  • Abnormal looking eye.
  • Dropping eyelid.
  • Squint in the eye.

What are the common complaints regarding the different eye diseases?

Loss of vision and blurred vision: in this type of the eye disease, vision will be defective to the variable degree. There will be the gradual decrease in the vision but it is very difficult to detect the subtle degree of the loss of the vision. This will be easy for the patient to recognize the loss of the eye. Because this will affect the only the one eye’s vision.

Double vision: In the normal case, the image formed by the two eyes is coordinated into the single image by the brain. Two different images are visible when this coordination between the images is disturbed. This cause due to the various diseases of the muscles and the nerves of the eyes. Multiple images are the symptoms of the cataract eye disease.

Redness of the eye: Visible redness in one or both eyes will be the common symptom of the numbers of the eyes diseases. Most of the people mistakes every red eye is the common symptom of viral conjunctivitis. This is commonly known as the Madras eyes. This is the vital advice to consult the specialist if you have a red eye. The eye treatment cost in India is far less than as compared to other countries.

Stickiness: Very common symptom of the eye infection is the stickiness of the eyelids. This infection may be purely external. Persistent stickiness needs the consultation of the eye surgeon.

Watering: Watering may be the result of the malalignment of the eyelids or the eyelashes. This may also arise due to the blockade of the tear ducts.

White reflex in the eye: Generally, the center of the eye is responsible for giving the black reflex due to the pupil. White reflex is the result of the opacification of the transparent cornea or due to the abnormal growth of the tissues behind the lens.

Abnormal looking eye: Abnormal looking eye could be results of the defects in the eyelids. Defects in the eyes are due to the large eyeballs or due to increase in the size of the eye.

Dropping of the eyelid: the dropping of the upper eyelid can occur at the time of birth or it could occur in the later stages of the life also. If it occurs in later stages of the life, you will notice in what part of the day, it will start. This would be the most prominent data for your eye surgeon.

Squinting in the eyes: Squinting defines as the misalignment of the eyes. This can lead to the problem of the reduction of the vision in the squinting eye. This is due to the lazy eyes.

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